Show No Weakness – Award Winning Contemporary Romance

She’s a tenderhearted social worker, looking for her Happy-Ever-After. He’s a distrustful RCMP Corporal who’s sworn off relationships. Factor in a surly teen heading for delinquency, and you have a case of passion and turmoil too explosive to handle.

As a defense mechanism to deal with his guilt and grief over his daughter’s death, Cole Dennison has become an expert at compartmentalizing his feelings. He keeps his personal life private, while making it his professional mission to rescue children in peril.

Joely Sinclair is fiercely protective and openly compassionate. When she meets Cole Dennison, she falls hard. He’s everything she admires in a man, and because she wears her heart on her sleeve, she can’t understand how or why Cole keeps all his emotions to himself.

As much as Cole resents his interest in Joely, with her inquisitive and caring nature, he can’t deny her appeal. Against his better judgment, he becomes involved in both her and her son’s lives. Taylor is in desperate need of a positive male role model, and Cole can’t turn his back on the boy. But when Joely starts talking love, Cole’s inability to commit puts an end to their relationship—until a dangerous situation throws them back together.

When given a second chance at love, will Cole risk letting Joely into his battered heart?

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Visual Effects – Contemporary Romance

Drey Winston is a fierce competitor who enjoys challenging her mind and body. But when it comes to her heart—no one ever gets close enough to compete for it. Having grown up believing she was an unwanted burden to her parents, she prefers to keep her feelings well hidden. Just when her hard-fought goals are finally within reach, the audacious Jesse Devlin comes along to breach her carefully guarded defenses.

After a disastrous marriage early in life, Jesse Devlin prefers strings-free relationships. Confident and outgoing, he gets along well with women, but his natural charm can’t seem to penetrate Drey Winston’s aloofness. While attempting to win her over, he’s the one who ends up losing his heart.

Can this commitment-phobic bachelor convince the stubbornly independent woman he loves that his feelings—and hers—are the real deal?

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Dare To Risk All – Contemporary Romance

Tessa Caldwell’s carefully structured world is thrown into chaos when the handsome stranger she had an uncharacteristic fling with reappears in her life. Ben not only gets the promotion she thought was hers, but is also intent on resuming their physical relationship. Although Tessa’s rational mind insists on a professional association, both her heart and her traitorous body have other ideas. Can her sensible nature possibly win against such temptation?

Memories of the petite blonde with large, blue eyes have haunted Ben Dunham for months. When he transfers to her branch, he anticipates picking up where they left off. Reality doesn’t match memory when the cool and collected lady wants no part of him. If he intends to pursue Tessa, he has to earn her trust. The problem is, Ben carries a dark and dangerous secret. How does he get Tessa to trust him when he can’t trust himself?

Can a forever kind of girl and a for-the-moment kind of guy take a risk on love?

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More Majestic Mountains, Some Hoodoos And…A Raven – Alberta Road Trip Wrap-up

With a free Parks Canada pass in hand, Hubby and I enthusiastically visited several national parks while on our recent Alberta road trip. Last week, I shared stories and photos from Mount Revelstoke, Yoho and Banff National Parks, ending with lovely Lake Louise. (Check them out here)

From Lake Louise, we took the Bow Valley Parkway to Banff, hoping to increase our chances of wildlife sightings. Unfortunately, we didn’t see a single critter.

Mount Rundle and Sulphur Mountain, Vermilion Lakes Wetlands, Banff National Park

Mount Rundle

Cascades of Time Garden, Banff, AB

Banff Springs Hotel

Imagine having these beauties in your backyard.

Following our oldest son’s suggestion, we stopped at Bow Falls while in Banff. Such a pretty river setting.

We drove the Tunnel Mountain loop, taking a short detour to view the Bow Valley Hoodoos.

Hoodoos with Mount Rundle and Bow Valley in the background.

Taking in the view from farther down the trail.

Bow Valley with Banff Springs Hotel way off in the distance.

A zoomed-in peek of Banff Springs Hotel.

Three Sisters Mountains, Canmore, AB

In Calgary, our daughter-in-law fed us an incredible Thanksgiving feast, and we watched our grandsons’ hockey practices.

Roxy came to the rink, too.

Our eldest grandson showed me his new skateboard skills.

That’s our youngest grandson under the hoodie.

On our way home, I saw a grizzly bear in the distance, sitting on train tracks near Banff. Disappointingly, we had few wildlife sightings the entire trip. Besides the bear, I had a brief glimpse of a chipmunk on Mount Revelstoke, a squirrel in Lake Louise (are those even considered wildlife?), several jack rabbits (not really wildlife, either) and a coyote in Calgary. At least the incredible scenery didn’t disappoint.

We never leave Roxy alone in the car, so a downside of traveling with her is having to eat takeout. While Hubby got us some food in Golden, I prepared Roxy’s lunch on the car console. When I turned back around, this massive raven was staring at me through the windshield.

It immediately began ‘talking’, asking to share Roxy’s meal, or perhaps wanting Roxy for its meal.

This persistent bird was considerably larger than my wee dog, and I was relieved to have the windshield between us. It hung around until Hubby arrived to shoo it off.

Traffic quickly backed up during the hour and half delay for road construction east of Glacier National Park.

Wish I’d spent the entire time snoozing the way Roxy did.

Long traffic lines on the other side, too.

Lots of lovely fall colours and fresh snow on the mountains in Rogers Pass.

When Roxy woke up, she had to pee. Bad.

We stopped at Three Valley Gap, west of Revelstoke, as suggested by my older brother. Roxy was relieved to relieve herself.

We’re truly blessed to live in such a naturally beautiful part of the world, and I hope you enjoyed this small taste of it.

A Scenic Trip To Alberta

When the federal government announced free admission to all national parks in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, Hubby and I eagerly ordered our pass.

Unfortunately, due to many circumstances beyond our control, we couldn’t visit any parks last spring and summer. When Hubby got an unexpected week of vacation right before Thanksgiving, we decided to head to Alberta, with stops at as many scenic spots along the way as possible. I posted a request for suggestions on Facebook, and was soon planning a much-needed getaway.

Pitstop in Sicamous, where Roxy broke her leg a year and a half ago. Luckily she doesn’t remember her tumble from the picnic table.

Having lived in Revelstoke, we’ve often visited Mount Revelstoke National Park, but not for many years, and I was excited to go back.

Mount Begbie, the Columbia River and city of Revelstoke from a viewpoint along the Meadows in the Sky Parkway.

Upon arriving at the upper parking lot, we found out because of grizzly bear activity at the summit, we’d have to take a shuttlebus the rest of the way. A bus had left just as we pulled up, and by the time it returned, we’d only have about fifteen minutes at the summit, so we decided not to wait. Total disappointment.

Revelstoke and the Columbia River from a viewpoint on the way down.

Gorgeous sights through Rogers Pass.

We overnighted in Golden, and Roxy was happy to get comfy.

Our first stop, the next morning, was at the Natural Bridge, west of Field, BC, as suggested by our youngest son. Natural Bridge is a rock formation over the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park. Simply fascinating, and such incredible colour.

Emerald Lake, another beautiful setting near Field.

Majestic Rocky Mountains in Yoho National Park.

I’ve never been to Lake Louise, despite it being ‘right in my backyard’ most of my life. My younger brother suggested we stop there, and I’m glad we did.

Mount Victoria Glacier reflected in Lake Louise.

Mount Victoria Glacier

Mount Whyte, Big Beehive, Lake Louise.

Mount Fairview

Chateau Lake Louise

Roxy, taking in the beauty of Lake Louise.

Our eldest son suggested the short hike up to Fairview Lookout. Less than two kilometers, it’s basically straight up and I actually needed breaks along the way.

The stunning views from the lookout were so worth the effort and quickly reenergized me.

Chateau Lake Louise from Fairview Lookout.

Canoes, floating through the sky.

Not really.

I took the time to enjoy my surroundings on the much easier hike down.

I’ll be back next week with more scenic stops, including Banff, Bow Falls and Hoodoos. I love hoodoos!

The Quest For Thanksgiving Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian family and friends!

It’s my tradition on Thanksgiving Day to reaffirm all I’m most grateful for. The past year has been another difficult one, both personally and on a worldwide scale, making me dig a little deeper to find gratitude.

The new year couldn’t have started worse. I spent the night of New Year’s Eve alone in hospice, watching my mom breathe, afraid if I closed my eyes for a moment she might slip away. Two weeks later, I once again sat alone, watching while Mom took her last breath. As heart wrenching and sad as this was, I hope she felt my love and knew she wasn’t alone. She’s left a big hole in my life, and I continue to think about her every single day, but I’m grateful her suffering is finally over.

Barely two weeks later, Hubby and I cruised around Cuba. I didn’t know how I’d be able to set aside my sorrow and enjoy this trip we’d been looking forward to for many months. But I did. I really enjoyed it and found the peace and relaxation I badly needed. So I’m grateful for that. And I’m grateful we got to learn about another country and explore its beauty.

In April, a vitreous hemorrhage in my right eye turned my world upside down. Two surgeries later, my eye still has no functional vision. I’ve lost a lot because of this, but I’m grateful my situation isn’t worse. I’m grateful the surgeons were able to save my eye. I’m grateful I still have some vision and, even if I’m currently struggling, I will adapt to this new reality.

And I’m very grateful I have a loving and supportive husband. He’s been a constant through all of this, doing whatever he can to make my life easier.

I’m thankful for the gift of my children – my three boys and two daughters-in-law. Although I wish I saw or heard from them more often, I’m thankful they’re all healthy and happy and busy in thriving careers. I’m thankful I have two gorgeous, bright, affectionate little grandsons – and I’m especially thankful they came to visit me, not once, but twice, this year!

I’m grateful to spend this Thanksgiving weekend with my firstborn son and his family. Both my son and his wife were born on Thanksgiving Day, two years and two days apart, so it’s an extra special time for us.

And I can’t forget my tiniest blessing. I’m thankful to have had Roxy in my life for another year. The old girl is very fragile and depends on me for all her needs, but that’s okay because I love her to bits and will treasure every moment I have left with her.

I’m grateful to have found a new home for my first two novels. Show No Weakness was released through Roane Publishing last April, and It’s Complicated will be released in December. It’s wonderful to have those book-babies back out in the world.

So, once again, I’m thankful I have reasons to be thankful. I hope you do, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Release Blitz Information For It’s Complicated – Request For Participants

The December 4th release date for It’s Complicated is drawing near, and Roane Publishing has a Release Blitz planned for December 4th to the 8th. If any of my blogger friends would like to join in the fun and help spread the word for me, you can sign up for the blitz using THIS FORM.

There’s also a place on the form for you to request an arc copy of It’s Complicated if you’re interested in reviewing it.

It’s Complicated is a sequel to Show No Weakness, and it’s Maggie Lapage’s story. As evident in Show No Weakness, Maggie can get herself in a trouble at times. She calls it helping people. Others might call it meddling. Tom O’Shay is one of those other people. Problem is he needs her help, whether he wants it or not. And he definitely does not. Just one of the reasons why It’s Complicated.

She’s a children’s counselor devoted to helping others; he’s a stubborn client reluctant to accept her assistance. He wants a warm and loving relationship; she prefers to keep things physical. Professional boundaries dictate neither of them can have what they want.

Having grown up with no one but herself to count on, Maggie Lapage carefully guards her feelings. Professionally, she goes above and beyond to give others the support she wishes she’d had as a child. When she develops a forbidden attraction to a client’s father, she does what she thinks is necessary, to save his family, and to protect her own heart.

Tom O’Shay finds his life caught in a nightmare when he risks losing custody of his daughter. It goes against his character to seek help, but he doesn’t have a choice. That doesn’t mean he has to like it. Everything changes when he falls hard for his daughter’s counselor, and he suddenly has two fights on his hands. One for his daughter, and another for the woman he loves.

It’s complicated, but is it impossible?

Thanks so much for your support. It’s greatly appreciated.