Release Day Blitz and Giveaway for Show No Weakness

I’m so pleased and excited that my first book baby is back on the market. Roane Publishing released Show No Weakness today and as part of the celebrations, we’re doing a giveaway.

You can visit any or all of the following blogs to enter the contest.

I’ve updated my bookshelf with my lovely new cover and blurb, and have included some buy links. I’ll add Amazon as soon as it becomes available. You can check it out here.

I’ve also posted a fresh excerpt. To read it, click here.

Show No Weakness Cover Reveal

Here it is, my lovely new cover for Show No Weakness! I particularly like how Roane Publishing was able to use the same two cover models as on the original cover. I’ve come to think of them as Cole and Joely.

It’s difficult for me right now to show the appropriate enthusiasm and appreciation for this wonderful cover because I very recently lost my beloved Mom. My first thoughts were, “I can’t do this.” And then I remembered how proud my little mom was of my writing and what a supporter of my work she was. She wouldn’t want me to ignore this special milestone any more than she would want me to wallow in my grief.

So this one’s for you, Mom. Isn’t it pretty?


Breaking News!


I’m excited to announce that Show No Weakness has been given an offer to publish. This is all in the early stages, the contract hasn’t been signed, and I don’t know if the company will also want to publish It’s Complicated, but I’m thrilled at the possibility of having my first book-baby back out there again.

I’m not sure how much editing will need to be done or how long their publishing process takes. Meanwhile, I plan to focus my energy on finishing the third book in this series, in hopes that this new publisher will be interested in all three books. Which means, posts to this blog might become sporadic. I’ll still host the occasional author, and I’ll definitely share photos and stories of my adventures, and I’ll also post relevant writing updates as they happen.

So, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be busy getting reacquainted with both my laptop (poor thing hadn’t been turned on since July and needed a zillion updates) and my story, which has been neglected far longer than that.



Lack of Progress Leads to Writing Doubts


It’s been just over a year since I got the disappointing news that one of my publishers had gone out of business. In that time, I still haven’t placed those two orphaned books with another publisher. Although it hasn’t been for lack of trying.

I immediately edited Show No Weakness, relieved for the opportunity to fix some typos and a few awkward sentences created during the publishing edits. I was about to send the updated manuscript to a preferred publisher, when I noticed a ‘review previous submissions’ button on their website. I decided to check, and there it was – Show No Weakness had been submitted and declined back in 2010, before its original publication. No point asking if they’d care to review a previously published book that they’d already passed on.

So back at square one, I started researching other publishers. The publishing industry is in flux, and things look bleak. Rumours swirl all over the place about this company not paying their authors on time and that company on the verge of shutting their doors.

I felt frozen in indecision. Should I self-publish? Should I throw submissions everywhere and see if any stick? Should I just give up? Nothing felt right. Meanwhile, Visual Effects was going through the publishing process with The Wild Rose Press. I’ve enjoyed working with my TWRP editor, and I decided to submit Show No Weakness to her. The book was accepted, but with the same caveat as my other TWRP books. The heat level needed to be upped.

If I’m told the story needs work to make it stronger, I’m all over that. Putting in more love scenes, hotter sex, in my opinion, doesn’t improve the storyline. My other option was to lower the sensuality level to make it a ‘sweet’ romance. As the author, I feel entitled to write the type of story that suits me and I’m comfortable with, so I reluctantly withdrew my submission. I’m disappointed, but have no hard feelings. TWRP books are classified by lines, so when a reader buys a book from a certain line, they know what to expect. Unfortunately for me, my stories aren’t a good fit with any line.

Which meant back to square one, yet again. I checked another publisher with potential, but couldn’t determine whether they accepted previously published work. So I emailed them that question. Then I waited, and I waited. After about a month with no answer, I decided to send a submission anyway, using their website form. I assumed I’d get an automated email response, which I didn’t.

Their website said to expect a decision in about three months. After four months, I emailed them again. I politely explained I hadn’t received an initial confirmation on my submission, and I wondered if it had been received and where in the submission process it might be. After two weeks without a reply, I gave up and moved on, but I wasn’t impressed. Yes, everyone’s busy, shorthanded, or whatever, and maybe I’m naïve, but isn’t it a professional courtesy to at least acknowledge an email? Maybe I got away lucky. Who wants to work with a company with poor communication practices?

I submitted to another publisher in July and was declined at the end of August. Because I received a form letter, I don’t know if they declined because the book had already been published or if there were issues with the story. At least they didn’t leave me hanging for months. I recently opted for a reputable epublisher – which means the books won’t be available in paperback. And wow, not only did I immediately get an automated confirmation, a few days later an actual person emailed to say she had my story and would get back to me as soon as she could. Impressive. Professional.

Meanwhile through all this, I haven’t written anything. Partly because real-life situations have me feeling creatively stymied, but also, the book I’d started writing last year is linked to the two that are no longer published. There’s no point in moving forward with this story without knowing what’s in store with the other two. If this epublisher accepts Show No Weakness, I’ll send them It’s Complicated and, hopefully, will resume writing So He Lied.

If the publisher declines Show No Weakness, I’ll have some tough decisions to make about my writing future. So, cross your fingers for me, okay?

Off To Enjoy Summer…

As I did last year, I’m putting my blog on summer hiatus until September.


If I have anything exciting to share regarding my writing, I’ll pop in with an update. And if I’m feeling really energetic, I might post the occasional Sunday Funday photo.


Have a wonderful, safe and happy summer. Wear sunscreen and hug your loved ones every chance you get.


Visual Effects Virtual Book Tour, Week Five

This is the final set of links to some of the interviews I did while on Visual Effects’ virtual book tour last month.

I wrote an article for Lisabet’s post, rather than doing an interview. It talks about why my dream to write got put in the trunk and what happened when I finally took it out.

Lisabet Sarai

Angela Hayes

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about me, my writing process and, of course, Visual Effects.


Visual Effects Virtual Book Tour, Week Four

Another Monday means another opportunity for me to share a couple of links to some of the interviews I did while on Visual Effects’ virtual book tour last month. I hope you’ll enjoy learning more about me, my writing process and, of course, Visual Effects.

Cheryl Holloway

Sharon Buchbinder

1604-7 Visual Effects