Two Puppies, One Lap

It’s a given, if I’m sitting down, I have a dog on my lap. It’s been that way for years. For the last eight months, however, I’ve had two puppies and only one lap. We got Georgie (brown and white Chihuahua) first, and she’s always been a snuggler. When Bella (black and white Papillon/terrier) came along, Georgie had to learn to share. It was easy at first, because they were both very little.

As they got bigger, things got a little tighter, but we talking less than ten pounds total, so not really an issue.

They even share my lap in the car.

Sometimes, they’re content to snuggle beside me, as long as we’re all together.

And although mine is their go-to lap, they’re happy to cuddle with Hubby, too.

Or my boys, if they’re around.

When they were younger, Georgie and Bella would snuggle together in their bed if no lap was available.

As they got bigger, I thought they’d be more comfortable in their own beds. At first Bella didn’t agree. She’d move her bed next to Georgie’s, then sort of worm her way over.

Usually if I’m on the computer, Georgie is on my lap, and Bella uses the nearby bed.

It gets tricky when, for some reason, Bella thinks she should also be up on my lap.

This only works if I’m scrolling Twitter or newsfeeds, and don’t need to type. When I’m using the keyboard, even Georgie usually gets down. Somehow she always manages to scoop the bed away from Bella, and Bella quietly moves to the mat by my feet. Which is strange because Bella is the bigger and more aggressive of the two.

On the rare occasion, Bella won’t move right away, so Georgie just sits there until she wins.

Every morning, they can be found on my lap right after Hubby leaves for work. I’m drinking coffee in my housecoat and catching up on the news headlines, and my two little girls are snuggled in tight. Makes it hard to get up and start my day. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my puppies!



A Month of Trials and Tribulations With Georgie and Bella

Having a puppy is great fun. It’s also work. Having two puppies is even more work. I love my little girls, and I’m grateful for the joy they bring, but I’m ready to put the busy puppy phase behind us.

I made a mistake naming our second puppy Bella. She’s certainly not the dainty little angel the name implies. Despite only weighing four pounds, there’s nothing delicate about her, and with her excess exuberance, ‘Rascal’ might’ve suited her better. Or perhaps ‘Diabla’. I’m jesting, of course. She can be a stubborn brat, but she’s also very affectionate and loves everyone. She just needs more growing up.

And she needs to stop having accidents in the house. She’s five months old now and should be housebroken. She asks to go out during the day, and accidents only happen once it gets dark. We take her outside regularly in the evening, but she’d rather play than pee. Indoor piddles aren’t a daily occurrence, but she still can’t be trusted, and it’s frustrating.

At around four months old, Bella’s facial hair started getting shaggy.

I didn’t trust myself to trim it without poking her eyes, so I contacted several local groomers. All I wanted was her face trimmed fairly short, but apparently the full trim package is the only option available. I wasn’t overly pleased with the job on her face. It looked uneven and choppy, and was still too long. Her moppy little feet turned out nicely, though. And she was a good girl for the groomer.

A month later, she looks cute again. The hair isn’t as jagged looking, but it’s already getting long. I’m not thrilled at the prospect of paying another $40 for services I don’t want.

Georgie and Bella usually play wonderfully together. Georgie mothers Bella, cleaning her face and ears daily, and Bella likes to be wherever Georgie is.

They both love to chew, so we always buy two of everything, to avoid squabbling and jealousy.

This works until one of them decides she wants what the other one has. Bella simply takes what she wants from Georgie, which often makes Georgie snarl. Bella might back off, or she might not. If Georgie wants Bella’s toy, she’s more subtle. She’ll get another toy and enthusiastically play with it right in front of Bella. As soon as Bella drops what she has to take Georgie’s toy, Georgie swoops in and grabs Bella’s. If Bella doesn’t fall for this ploy, Georgie whines and cries and tries to convince us to take it from Bella and give it to her. It’s quite entertaining.

The girls were thrilled when we put a rug in the living room. They have comfy beds, but apparently the rug is superior to nap on.

Georgie turns eight months old today, and we finally got her spayed last week. The vet wanted all her adult teeth in first, but ended up pulling a baby canine. Bella was so vexed about Georgie being gone, she spent much of the morning sulking in her bed.

Georgie sometimes looks stoned in photos, but she wasn’t faking it that afternoon. Poor baby.

She rallied that evening and even ate a few bites of food. When I gave her pain meds the next morning, she got groggy again.

The following morning, she seemed even more drugged after her dose of meds. She acted scared of us and just wanted to be by herself.

So pathetic.

Thankfully once the drugs left her system, she became her busy, happy self again.


Introducing Little Miss Georgie Girl!

1 Chihuahua heartbeat-

I was devastated when our rescue puppy died two days before she was to become ours, mere weeks after we’d lost Roxy, our beloved fifteen-year-old pup, and I wondered how I could risk opening my heart to another puppy. Surprisingly enough, Hubby, the guy who’d been saying he didn’t want any more pets, convinced me to keep looking.

When I came across an ad selling Chihuahua puppies in the Vancouver area, I gave the contact information to my son, who lives out there, and left it up to him whether to get a puppy or not. He chose this precious baby girl.

She snuggled into my son’s jacket and slept the entire four hours to her new home.

After discarding several names, we settled on Georgie. Miss Georgie Girl, to be exact. Gosh, she’s a cutie. Her fluffy coat is spectacular, with lovely markings and silky soft fur.

With her short snout, protruding bottom jaw and tiny jowls, she resembles a micro-mini boxer.

When I tucked Georgie into her sleep crate that first night, she gazed at me for a moment and then curled up and went right to sleep. I thought, “Wow, how easy is this?”

Famous last words. She started whimpering as soon as I left the room and didn’t stop the entire night. Or the next night. Or for many nights after that. It took two long weeks of her wailing nonstop between twice-nightly visits outside before she finally settled down. Broke my heart to put her (and me) through that, but I’m so glad I persevered. She’s a perfect angel at night now.

Georgie weighed 1.7 pounds at her eight-week vet appointment. She has a small umbilical hernia, which is nothing to worry about, but will need repairing when she’s spayed.

Other than pitifully complaining about her sore leg, Georgie simply put herself to bed and slept off the vaccine’s effects.

She quite enjoys her toy crate, and comes and goes as she pleases.

It’s been fifteen years since Hubby and I had a new puppy. We’d forgotten how busy and curious they are. Georgie’s nose is always to the ground and she tries to eat whatever she comes across. And thank goodness she’s so small because she wants to bite and chew everything. Shoes, clothes, furniture, fingers, toes…noses.

Distracting her with toys usually works.

She entertains herself very well.

Georgie accompanies me into the bathroom at night while I wash up, and out of desperation to save my toes, I discovered that toilet paper rolls are highly entertaining.

One day I came across this scenario.

She’d dragged a towel I’d left by the door into the living room and settled in for a comfy chew. She was not impressed when I took the roll away.

Georgie thinks Roxy’s favourite snuggle blanket makes a fine plaything. She drags it from her bed and comically runs laps with it hanging from her mouth.

Works for tug-of-war, too.

She’s not averse to snuggling with it, though.

Roxy hated this little bed and never used it. Georgie took to it right from the start.

If I’m nearby, she keeps a loving eye on me.

The bed is tippy, so I tucked a rolled-up towel underneath to stabilize it. Georgie promptly pulled it out every time I put it there until I finally gave up. Apparently a tippy bed is more fun.

She sometimes sits flat on her bum.

Roxy slept on my lap while I used the computer, and Georgie often does, too.

Or she runs around the room, exploring and playing with her toys.

If Hubby’s in his workout room, she scratches on the door.

Sometimes we play fetch while I’m on the computer, and she’s getting quite good at it. If I’m slow to respond, she smacks my leg and twitters like a tiny bird. When she’s tired, she’ll lie quietly at my feet.

Georgie’s had a couple of playdates with our grand-dog. Daisy, who weighs less than four pounds, looks huge beside Georgie, but that will eventually change. I think they’ll become good friends.

Running is the best fun, ever.

The only thing better than running inside is running outside.

She loves the backyard.

So much to explore…

To eat…

Because of these fun distractions, she rarely wants to go back inside when we do. We won’t indulge in the chase game, so this can become quite time-consuming. Much to my consternation, the little escape artist discovered she could slip through the yard’s front latticework or duck under a few spots in the chain-link fence.

I began taking her outside on her leash, both to keep her safely in the yard and to easily corral her after she’s done her business. Luckily, she doesn’t mind the harness and leash (which is also great for chewing). She’s enthusiastic about walks, too.

Hubby installed new front fencing and put chicken wire along the chain-link. Not too pretty, but it does the job.

We still have problems convincing her to come in, and using the leash isn’t always convenient, so I’ve borrowed a little pen. It’s the best thing ever, for when we don’t have time to let her run loose. Georgie enjoys being in it, does her business right away, and we can easily pick her up afterward.

Just like Roxy did, Georgie helps me with the laundry.

Georgie’s philosophy is “play hard, sleep hard”. I can’t resist taking (too many) photos of how adorable she looks asleep.

Some of her positions are quite hilarious.

She used to stick her tongue out and suckle while sleeping. So precious!

She prefers snuggling near our neck and shoulders.

The couch pillow is comfy, too.

I get this face if I’m on the couch without her.

She can go up and down the carpeted stairs on her own.

But the steep, tiled stairs are still beyond her comfort level.

Like most Chihuahuas, she loves sleeping in the sunshine.

If there’s no sun, the heat register will do nicely.

Those ears though!

Georgie’s ever-evolving ears continue to enchant us. At eight weeks, her right ear stood up and her left one bent down.

Soon after, at two months, both ears bent.

By ten weeks, her left ear decided to stand, while the right continued to bend.

A week later, they both stood at attention.

Currently, at three months, her right ear ripples a bit and the left one stands up. Unbearably adorable.

At Georgie’s twelve week vet checkup, she weighed 2.5 pounds. Although she took to her crate again to sleep afterwards, the second vaccine seemed to hurt less.

At three months, Georgie’s smart, sweet, mischievous, and so entertaining. I’m amazed at how many words she already understands, when she chooses to listen. We’re still working on potty-training and obeying, but that’s slowly improving. She’s my little ray of sunshine and I anticipate many years of fun and adventures together.

Oh, and Hubby, that guy who didn’t want another pet, he’s totally smitten. Georgie completely adores him, too.

Furry Friends – Take Two

These little ones should have been included in last week’s blog.  They belonged to my oldest sister when her kids were young.  Tammy was a pomeranian and the smaller one, Teddy, a pom/papillon cross, was Tammy’s son.   Really adorable tiny dogs being held by some really adorable little people.

7507-3 Teddy & Tammy

Lori and Michael with Tammy Apr 27 1974418

This little fellow can’t actually be classified as furry and he’s definitely not cuddly, but he was my oldest son’s first baby and deserves to be included.  Meet Boober, the hedgehog.

0508-2 Boober the hedgehog

0709-5 Boober

My middle son bought Daisy for his wife shortly after they got married.  A teacup Chihuahua, she’s already been featured a couple of weeks ago in my post about Roxy.  Daisy is probably the most photographed dog in history; she’s also very well-traveled, having crossed the country more than most people I know.  She and I belong to the same mutual admiration society.

0612-7 Daisy

Daisy does find the cutest places to have a snooze, especially if there’s sunlight involved.  Such an adorable picture.

0709-1 Daisy

Rather comical, but Daisy and Roxy both like this pillow to snuggle on.  Must be comfy.

0612-19 Daisy

Although a teeny bit pampered, Daisy is no ordinary diva dog.  She’s a lean, mean, walking machine who frequently goes on long hikes, enthusiastically walking for hours, exploring the myriad of nature trails in Newfoundland with her human family.

353 East Coast Trail to Bawdens Highland

0905-18 Daisy

Buddy and Hunter belong to dear friends of ours.  Buddy, a yellow lab, passed away this past summer at the ripe old age of twelve.  We only saw him about once a year, but he always welcomed us with enthusiasm and love.  Hunter is an interesting mix of yellow lab and Maltese.  Yes, that’s correct.  Mother was a lab, father was a frisky and evidently persistent Maltese.  Hunter’s a little more shy than Buddy was, but always warms up to us quickly, likely remembering how we tend to suck up by giving great scratches.

0701-4 Buddy

0701-5 Hunter

Shasa is another interesting cross-breed.  Her mother is a Shih Tzu, her father a miniature dachshund.  The result was so very cute.  Shasa belongs to my oldest son and daughter-in-law.  She’s a sturdy little girl who is an excellent playmate for my two young grandsons.  She also loves me dearly and is a joy to be around, when she’s not barking…

0710-28 Shasa

0711-3 Shasa

Shasa trying to win over Daisy.

0711-10 Daisy & Shasa

Didn’t take long for Daisy to give in and play.

0801-1 Shasa & Daisy

Shasa is equally cute with her coat long and shaggy or when she’s trimmed all short and neat.

1012-8 Shasa

0907-2 Shasa

The final family chihuahua to introduce is Frisco.  He belongs to a niece and is a lucky little guy who gets to go to work with her every day.

0809-8 Frisco

When my sister sadly lost Butzi and Wicket within a short time of each other, she eased her heartache by getting a couple of new babies.  Abby and Ava are both purebred mini schnauzers.  What a couple of cute little characters, they are.

0905-5 Ava & Abby

Frisco and Abby

09 Frisco & Abby


0905-10 Abby


0907-1 Ava

Of all the dogs who’ve loved me, and I’m awfully lucky that there have been so many, my niece’s dog, Mack, is a standout.  Mack is a British Bulldog, so when he came charging across the room like the truck he’s named after, I learned to quickly sit down or literally get bowled over with his enthusiasm.  He’d often visit me at work, rest his drooly head in my lap and gaze adoringly at me.  How can anyone possibly resist that?

0908-2 Mack

I tried to find a picture of Mack’s “sister”, Lucy, a beautiful golden retriever, but this was the best that I could do.  Mack decided to go for a swim one hot day and had to get rescued.  Lucy’s checking to make sure he’s okay (or maybe she planned to give him a maternal scolding).

0908-3 Lucy & Mack

Another Echo in the family belongs to my nephew (the one who’s still cute, all grown up!).  She’s a Jack Russell terrier cross (I think).  She’s a real cutie anyways.

0910-3 Echo

Ace, a brown lab, belongs to another nephew.  A bit on the small side for a lab, she’s such a gentle soul, a real sweetie, and so patient with her little boys.

1012-6 Ace

1102-21 Ace

The newest addition to our dog family is Sukie, a golden retriever/black lab cross who my oldest son and daughter-in-law got this summer.  Every time I see her, she’s grown by bounds and is currently at that adorable clumsy stage where she’s all legs and no coordination.  True to her breed, she’s already proving to be smart, affectionate and loyal.

1207-3 Sukie

1207-7 Sukie

1207-8 Sukie

That doesn’t even begin to cover all the family pets, but it’s the ones I know, I love, and most importantly, I have pictures of.  I hope you enjoyed getting acquainted. Meet some fishy friends HERE.

Read an introduction with links to all my pets HERE.


Some Furry Friends Too Cute Not To Mention

I belong to a family of animal lovers.  It’s a very large family with extraordinary amount of pets, so I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many adorable animals over the years.  Today I want to showcase some of them.  Many of them are no longer with us, all we have left are their cherished memories and photos.

This is Teddy.  He was my first family pet, although I only have very vague memories of him.  He started out as a stray that took a liking to my dad and just never left.

5812 Teddy

This handsome collie/shepherd cross is Sarge.  He was an abused puppy that my mom took in.  Sarge was a consummate escape artist and many a time he jumped the fence only to lead dog control on a merry chase, eventually returning home and jumping back over the fence into the yard to sit there all innocently.  The poor fellow suffered with terrible seizures likely due to the abuse he suffered with his first owner and eventually they got so severe we had to have him put out of his pain.  I have such fond childhood memories of a brave and patient dog.  It’s a real shame that not all pet owners love and care for their pets the way they deserve.

7306 Sarge

7408-2 Sarge

Pepper and Sarge.  She didn’t really like him as much as we did.

7308 Pepper & Sarge

These are a few of the hamsters we had.  Toni and Suzie were sisters.  Suzie belonged to my sister and Toni to me.

7605 Toni & Suzy

This one’s Toni.

7509-3 Toni

This is Nicki.  I had her when I first got married, so I guess technically she was my first baby.  In my opinion, she was the cutest and smartest hamster that ever lived.

7808 Nicky

Marmalade was one of two huge orange cats my mother-in-law owned.  The other was named Pumpkin.

8600 Marmalade

Norton was an adorable long-haired chihuahua belonging to my sister.  Like my dog, Roxy, he was little more than a bundle of bones, so it’s a good thing he had all that long hair as camouflage.  Such a cutie.

8908 Norton

This is Oliver and Norton with my bro-in-law.

9012-18 Oliver & Norton

Norton’s “sister” was Nikita.  She was a teeny chihuahua who madly loved me.  I was rather partial to her too.  This is Nikita and Norton with my nephew when he was still young and cute.  (He’s still cute, just all grown up now, so says his favourite Aunty!!)

9210-22 Nikita & Norton

Nikita at an elderly age.  She was such a little peanut.

0312-5 Nikita

After Norton was gone, my sister got a white chihuahua, named Sassy.   Here she is with my Sweetie.  I think Sweetie was really confused.

9712-2 Sassy & Sweetie

Sassy and Sweetie.

0312-9 Sassy & Sweetie

Sassy also lost all her teeth later in life and became a tongue loller like my little Roxy.

0904-5 Sassy

Wicket, a purebred shih tzu, belonged to one of my other sisters. I often swapped doggie-sitting with my sister and had a real soft spot for this gentle, laidback girl.

0801-9 Wicket

0602-2 Wicket

Butz-waggin’, a purebred mini schnauzer, was Wicket’s “sister”.  Butzi was a beautiful girl and very loyal to my sister.

0809-7 Butzi

Duffy, a Scotch terrier, was the love of my mother-in-law’s life.  Such a handsome boy he was, and extremely well-behaved and gentle.

9511-1 Duffy


My brother also owns a Scottie terrier.  Lucy’s her name.  It must come with the breed, because she’s also such a good girl, gentle and patient, despite having a multitude of ailments.

0508-1 Lucy

1112-13 Lucy

My niece has two of the cutest dogs you will ever find, ever.  Yorkie terriers, perfectly groomed (and accessorized!), these two should be models.

I love this picture of puppies, Sasa and Lucy, feeling each other out at the food dish.

0506-4 Sasa & Lucy-1

Sasa’s the male with his ears up.  Maddie’s the female with her ears down.  Aren’t they cute beyond words?

0706-1 Sasa & Maddie

0811 Maddie & Sasa

I could post pictures of these two sweethearts all day (photogenic or what, I mean really!!), but I’ll limit myself to one more.

1208 Maddie & Sasa

Echo is a gorgeous Sheltie belonging to yet another sister (I did say my family was large).  She’s very loyal to my sister and not terribly fond of men.

0608-13 Echo

Following in a long family tradition, two of my nieces owned Chihuahuas.  I believe they were half-sisters.  Lola, like so many of the family pets, took a great liking to me (I’m so lucky that way) and even if I don’t see her very often, she never forgets me.  Zoe developed a disease (not remembering the name), that resulted in her putting on far too much weight for her tiny frame and ultimately shortened her life.

0507-5 Lola & Zoe


0506-6 Lola

Butzi and Lola.

0706-12 Butzi & Lola


0904-4 Zoe

I’ll leave you with this incredible picture my sister, the dog-sitter extraordinaire, took of Wicket, Butzi, Echo, Lola, Zoe and Sassy.

0709-2 Wicket, Butsie, Echo, Lola, Zoe & Sassy

Please come back next weekend to meet more of my furry family. (click HERE) Read an introduction with links to all my pets HERE.

Diva Princess and Ball Fetching Maniac In A Four-Pound Package

Roxy is my current dog, and although I feel disloyal to all my other wonderful pets, I have to admit she’s probably my favourite.  She’s not as obedient as Oliver, as loyal as Sweetie, as beautiful as Brandy, and thankfully not as mischievous as Titan or Simon.  But she is adorable, bright and a real character.  Her grasp of Human-speak continuously amazes me.  And she’s very good at telling me, with expression, body language or verbalization, exactly what she wants – which is usually “Can we please play ball?”

Back in March of 2003, while we were all still mourning the loss of Oliver, I came across an ad for Chihuahua-Yorkie pups. My mother-in-law was kind enough to offer to buy us one.  That’s how we came to own a teeny-tiny (barely one pound) little girl we named Roxy.  She was just too precious for words.

0303-1 Roxy

0303-5 Roxy

0303-10 Roxy

0303-13 Roxy

0303-18 Roxy

Sweetie graciously welcomed her,  even though for years to come, Roxy gave her payback by jumping all over her the way Sweetie used to torment Oliver.

0303-17 Sweetie & Roxy

I have literally hundreds of pictures of Roxy, and it’s hard to pick just a few, so I’m going to bombard you with lots, probably way too many.  Sorry.

We quickly discovered that Roxy LOVED to fetch.  Imagine a little scrap of a dog, weighing a couple of pounds, fetching and carrying a variety of balls, some as big as her.  She also has quite the fetch stance, alertly watching and waiting, with one front paw up.  We think she believes she’s a retriever.  And she definitely has no idea how small she is.

0306-1 Roxy

Hiding under the couch with her ball because she’s not getting enough attention

0304-8 Roxy

Searching for her ball in the leaves

0310 Roxy-9

0310 Roxy-30

Taking a forced rest

0608-11 Roxy

Just a touch maniacal

0710-10 Roxy

0710-15 Roxy

Pouting because no one will play with her

0909-2 Roxy

Roxy’s various fetch stances

0402 Roxy-3

0402 Roxy-4

0402 Roxy-5

Even in the snow

0701-2 Roxy

After all that hard work, a snooze feels good.  Especially in a puddle of sunshine, snuggling with a good friend or a cozy blanket.

0501-2 Roxy & Sweetie

0511-2 Roxy

0609-1 Sweetie & Roxy

0609-4 Roxy

0612-32 Roxy

1004-5 Roxy

“If you’re just going to sit there, how about a tummy rub?”

1011-1 Roxy

1007-2 Roxy

Reminiscent of my cat, Spooky, Roxy tends to get comfy in some unusual places.

0509 Roxy

0511-1 Roxy

0602-4 Roxy

0708-9 Roxy

And while she’s definitely a lapdog, she loves to be cradled in the crook of my arm, like a baby.  She’ll also snuggle against my chest with her head tucked in close as I carry her if she’s tired.  It’s so sweet.

0512-2 Roxy

Roxy is so entertaining and many a time she’s given us a real laugh.  This laugh came at her expense, poor wee darling.  She somehow got her hair tangled up in my spider plant and was too small to pull herself free so was stuck there until I noticed her.

0405-3 Roxy

She’s such a pretty little girl when she’s bathed and groomed.

0408-1 Roxy

0608-17 Roxy

0806-2 Roxy

And she rocks some glorious bedhead on occasion too.

1012-6 Roxy

1011-4 Roxy

0910-1 Roxy

My son and daughter-in-law have an adorable little chi named Daisy.  I love this series of photos I took when Daisy was just a puppy.  Notice how Roxy sits attentively, waiting for me to snap the picture while Daisy looks everywhere but at the camera.  This went on and on.  Finally Roxy says, “enough is enough, this dog is never going to pose nicely”, and she lies down right when Daisy looks at the camera.

0612-3 Roxy & Daisy

0612-4 Roxy & Daisy

0612-6 Roxy & Daisy

Roxy and Daisy have grown to be great friends. Roxy even lets Daisy think she’s the boss.

0706-9 Roxy & Daisy

0712-1 Daisy & Roxy

0706-11 Roxy & Daisy

0803-2 Roxy & Daisy

0908-11 Roxy & Daisy

Roxy didn’t think my sister’s dogs should be allowed on “her” couch.

0905-15 Roxy, Sweetie, Abby, Ava

An unhappy Roxy sporting a bandage from an IV after getting her teeth cleaned.

0802 Roxy

Roxy and Sweetie banished to the basement while there are workers in the house.  So sad.

0908-7 Roxy & Sweetie

For entertainment at Christmas we embarrass our pets by dressing them up and making them pose for the camera.

0712-10 Roxy

0712-11 Roxy

0812-4 Roxy

Roxy is not a fan of little people.  I don’t think she trusts them not to hurt her.  She gets surprisingly excited to see our grandsons when they come over, then quickly grows jealous of the attention we pay them.  But when a grandson was sick, Roxy stuck close by his side.

1010-81 Roxy

1002-89 Roxy

Roxy is so obsessed with her ball, we have to hide it in order to get some peace.  We’re quite certain if we threw her ball off a cliff, she’d follow it over.  Fetching might be her biggest obsession, but she has several other peculiar traits I find amusing.

She likes to sit on or hang off feet.  Freaks people out.

0905-3 Roxy

She hates sports on TV.  And she totally knows how to throw daggers if I cheer too loudly.  She was less than impressed the one time we took her to my son’s football game.

0609-1 Roxy in Chilliwack

She doesn’t think anyone except she and I should be able to sit on the couch.  She gives my hubby the death eye if he dares to join me on the couch to watch TV.  Then she’ll look at me, throw a dirty look at him, back at me again.  She’ll eventually go over to the loveseat and pout if he doesn’t move.  She might condescend to napping with someone on the couch, but more often I’ll get the “make him move” look.

1010-171 Roxy

0908-76  Roxy

In the spring Roxy can’t resist a good roll in the grass.  She comes in smelling to high heaven and covered in yuck.  Sometimes I have to bathe her daily.  She really hates a bath so this is an ordeal for both of us.

0903-3 Roxy

1207-2 Roxy

She hates cats.  And I mean detests them.  It’s quite comical to see the way she puts the run on anything feline that dares to enter our yard.  And amazing the way they all run from her.  Only once did a cat refuse to leave.  Poor Roxy didn’t know what to make of it, but she wisely stood at a distance while barking ferociously until I came to her rescue.  The cat in this picture weighs eighteen pounds.  Did I mention Roxy is weighs less than four?

0906-8 Roxy

She’s terrified of going up the stairs.  Some stairs are okay, or at least she manages to find the courage to scramble up them, but with others, she’ll just sit there forever, squeaking and complaining until we give in and carry her up.

1009-1 Roxy

She won’t cross the street when we go for a walk.  At every single corner I have to pick her up and carry her across.  Then again, she’s not too partial to walking on a leash period, often planting four teeny paws and giving me the “I’m not moving and you can’t make me” look.  And she’s right, I can’t make her.  So I have to carry her for a bit, then she’s willing to try again.  Thank goodness she doesn’t weigh twenty pounds.

1109-2 Roxy

1109-13 Roxy

Taking a wee break to smell the flowers


A couple of years back, the poor little peanut had to have all her teeth pulled except for two lower canines.  Only seven years old and toothless.  She and I were both a little traumatized by the ordeal.

Some very sad pictures taken right afterwards.

1002-1 Roxy after getting teeth pulled

1002-2 Roxy feeling better

After I got over the shock (and the $900 vet bill), I thought maybe she’d put on some needed weight by eating canned food.  But Roxy had other ideas.  She didn’t like canned dog food.  I mean really, what dog doesn’t like canned dog food???  Our other dog, Sweetie, certainly did, and mealtime took on its own particular hell as I tried to convince Roxy to eat, while standing guard so Sweetie wouldn’t gobble her food down.  As her gums hardened, I was able to find very small dry dog food that Roxy enjoys and is able to eat without fear of choking.

Since losing her teeth, Roxy occasionally becomes that dog.  You know the one, with the tongue hanging out the side of its mouth.  Totally adorable or rather homely, depending on your perspective.

1112-2 Roxy

Bedhead AND the tongue, yikes!!

1011-12 Roxy

Having no teeth hasn’t hampered Roxy’s ball fetching abilities in the least.  We’ve found some balls she can carry and to this day, we play fetch daily, both indoors and out.

1107-3 Roxy

1107-8 Roxy1107-10 Roxy

1008-2 Roxy

Roxy might be the fussiest eater ever, but I firmly believe if she belonged to one of those little old ladies who shared everything they ate with their dog, she’d be a little porker.  She loves people food, especially sweet treats, and she begs with the most endearing little face.  I confess I’m guilty of breaking my “no people food for dogs” rule with her.  But not often enough to make her fat or ill.

A toothless Roxy joins the other dogs begging for a treat.  (All the dogs love my daughter-in-law)

1012-9 Daisy, Roxy, Shasa

This photo of Sweetie and Roxy was chosen to appear in a made-for-TV movie my son worked on.  If you have the opportunity to watch “A Mother’s Nightmare” (coming soon), be sure to keep an eye out for my girls’ photo hanging in the vet’s office.  (And my son’s name in the credits – three times)  The little movie stars!!

1205-2 Sweetie & Roxy

Roxy is now nine years old.  She has had a huge adjustment to make in the past few months, losing her best friend, Sweetie, and with me going back to work full-time.  She’s lonely and craves attention, which we do our best to give her.  I don’t think we’ll get another dog though.  She’s so small, an eager puppy could easily hurt her and she gets jealous of the attention we give other small creatures, canine or otherwise.  She’s always on my lap (even as I type this she’s lying across my lap) and I don’t want her to have to share me.  So we’ll continue to spoil her rotten and take enjoyment from her quirky little personality for, hopefully, many years to come.  I can’t possibly fathom not having her in my life.  If Hubby has his way, she’ll be our last pet, but I’m not engaging in that conversation right now.  We’ll see.

1205-1 Roxy 

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She Really Was Such A Sweetie!!

The main reason we decided to get another dog was to have a companion for Oliver. It broke our hearts to see how much he missed his little buddy, Simon. For weeks on end he sat patiently by the patio doors, the last place he’d seen Simon, watching and waiting for his friend to come home. I’ll never forget how he jumped up, beyond excited, when we arrived home with this new puppy, so similar in size and colour to Simon. One quick sniff brought Ollie the bad news that this was an interloper, not his precious Simon, and he turned his back on Sweetie intent on ignoring her forever. Luckily for us all, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

9702-1 Sweetie & Oliver

When we bought Sweetie in the spring of 1997, there were two puppies left in the litter. The male was called Bratsie and the female Sweetie. It readily became apparent that Bratsie lived up to his name and we had no intention of ever getting another mischievous male. Sweetie was just that—sweet, if a little timid and quiet. She snuggled up close to me on the car ride home and by time we arrived, she’d bonded, becoming my girl. It touches me deeply, to this day, how much that little dog loved me. Totally loyal and devoted, she was my constant shadow for over fifteen years.

9702-2 Sweetie

One of Sweetie’s most endearing mannerisms was the way she tilted her head to the side when we spoke to her, as though she was trying to understand what we were saying. It was just about the cutest thing ever. The huge amount of white dog hair she left on everything was far less endearing. It was downright annoying, but not her fault and we did the best to clear away what we could and learned to ignore the rest.

9706-2 Sweetie

It didn’t take Sweetie long to win Oliver over and he tolerantly put up with her jumping all over him. They especially enjoyed vigorous games of tug-of-war with an old sock, Oliver’s favourite game ever. They didn’t quite achieve that close bond Oliver and Simon had, but they were good and loyal friends for the rest of Oliver’s days.

9703-2 Oliver & Sweetie

9707-3 Sweetie & Oliver

We soon discovered that Sweetie had several unnatural fears, one of flashing lights and another of small black objects, such as TV remotes. We’re talking an absolute terror of flashing lights and an only slightly less fear of all that’s black. It made us wonder if a flashlight had fallen on her or something like that, and the fear had imprinted on her.

Sweetie never got over this irrational fear so we did our best not to subject her to anything that might frighten her. For some strange reason, she seemed to think she should be in the shot when pictures were taken, especially ones of the boys, but the camera was a problem. It was black and it flashed. That’s why so often in pictures she has an uncomfortable or fearful expression on her face.

0501-4 Sweetie

0808-2 Sweety

One of Sweetie’s favourite positions:

0911-1 Sweetie

Sweetie was not only the matriarch to all dogs who entered our house, she also felt the need to boss the children, letting them know with a sharp bark and a pretend nip at their heels that there was to be no running in her house. On the flipside, she took it upon herself to carefully guard the little ones from any perceived harm. She also quickly discovered that kids were a good source of snacks and you could always find her close by whenever food was involved.

9712-2 Sassy & Sweetie

0712-3 Sweetie & Daisy

1112-9 Shasa & Sweetie

1112-21 Lucy & Sweetie

0904-95 Sweetie

0908-71 Sweetie

Over the years we had to cope with numerous of Sweetie’s eccentricities, but the worst by far was the way she chewed on her feet when she felt nervous or insecure. So often I’d find one of her poor little paws or lower legs licked/chewed raw and bleeding. A week or two of wearing a cone while the wound healed seemed to sort her out and months or, if we were lucky, years would go by before she’d do it again. In her final year, it became an almost constant problem, and I wondered if it was her way of dealing with her pain.

0705-2 Sweetie

1006-1 Sweetie

1012-2 Sweetie

Health problems plagued Sweetie for a number of years. After having her teeth cleaned when she was about ten, she developed a cough that wouldn’t clear up. X-rays revealed a lung inflammation. A daily dose of prednisone kept it under control, for the most part, but the condition was chronic and she had to take that horrible steroid for the rest of her life. This resulted in numerous bad side effects including excessive appetite, weight gain, and perhaps the worst of all, a heightening of her already nervous temperament. Often she’d pace and pace, panting as she went, unable to settle and relax. It upset me so much to see her this way, especially once her aging body became crippled with arthritis making it difficult and painful to get around.

1011-2 Sweetie

1107-1 Sweetie

No matter the pain in her later years, Sweetie never complained. She stoically went through her days, sleeping more and more, scrounging for snacks while awake, and following me around on stiff and tottering legs. In the end, she was nearly deaf and going blind, having to wear a cone so often only added to her problems and I reluctantly accepted it was time to say goodbye to my very special little girl.

1003-1 Sweetie

I chronicled my feelings when we had to put Sweetie down this past May and you can read that blog post HERE.

One of my favourite shots of Sweetie:

9708-2 Sweetie

Her last photo:

1205-69 Sweetie

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