Estuary Sights and Beautiful Beach Stones

As I explained in my first Puerto Vallarta post (link), Hubby and I had to switch rooms two days into our vacation at Las Palmas. Our lovely Transat rep told us to go to the office after 12:00 to arrange the switch. I wasn’t thrilled because we had plans to be away from the resort most of that day.
But plans change, so we spent the morning exploring the small estuary next to the resort. The sidewalk entrance is also the public access to the beach.
This sign greeted us a few steps in.
Hubby chatted up a local who said there used to be a fair-sized female crocodile with two babies, but now there was only one juvenile. We hoped to catch a glimpse of it during our stay.
A sidewalk runs the length of the estuary, and trees thickly line the water.
The sidewalk ends at the beach.
We slowly strolled, searching the water and the treetops, looking for iguanas and that elusive croc.
We saw a multitude of birds.
Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Great Kiskadee GrackleSandpiper Grackle Yellow-crowned Night HeronGrackle There were several mud bird’s nests in the trees.
At first, all we saw were distant glimpses of iguanas. (All really zoomed in.)
And this little one hiding in the shade.
Then, in a tree near the beach, Hubby spotted these two iguanas in plain sight. No sign of the crocodile, but at least we saw many other interesting estuary residents.
Back at the office, we were told to vacate our room right away, but we wouldn’t have access to our new room for a few hours. There went any chance of exploring offsite that day. After packing up, we wandered around the resort.
Sierra Madre Mountains.
Sneak peek of the adult pool from above.
The beach from the fourth floor.
That far balcony, second from the top, would soon become ours.
This little guy (fluffed out Grackle?) was perched in the bar’s rafters. Either it could stand for a long time on a single leg, or it only had one leg.
I had the most delicious pasta at the lunch buffet.
After lunch we walked the beach on the south side of the rocks by the Guacamajazz restaurant.
Beach sights.
The brightly coloured stones were amazing.
After unpacking in our new room by the estuary, we relaxed on the balcony with a drink and took in the view.

I especially liked the great view of our new neighbours.
We joined some people we’d met that day for dinner at the Guacamajazz a la carte. Lovely people and an excellent meal, capped off with a beautiful sunset.
After two days of minor frustrations, we needed some fun. Click here for my next post about our visit to Playa de los Muertos & the Malecón.