Ten Days of Fun in The Mexican Sun Comes to a Rocking & Rolling End

I wrap up our Mexican Riviera cruise with our last two ports of call, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. (Read about the cruise from the beginning HERE)
Approach to Puerto Vallarta

68 Approach to Puerto Vallarta

Our new-found friends, B&J, took us under their wings and shared their knowledge of Puerto Vallarta. We had an entertaining and interesting day exploring flea markets, walking the beach and most importantly, relaxing with a refreshing margarita.

76 Puerto Vallarta

Cathedral of Our Lady Guadalupe

77 Puerto Vallarta

Many of the sidewalks and roads were made of cobble stones. Pretty to look at, but navigational caution was needed to avoid a turned ankle.

78 Puerto Vallarta

After a full day of fun, soaking up the sun and getting to know both Puerto Vallarta and our new friends, B&J, we headed back out to sea at dinnertime.
Leaving Puerto Vallarta

81 Leaving Puerto Vallarta

Mazatlan from the cruise ship

88 Mazatlan from the cruise ship

In Mazatlan, we spent another day sightseeing with B&J. On their suggestion, we hired an open-air taxi (more like an oversized golf cart) to take us on a tour.

100 In taxi

91 Mazatlan

We went to a large open market in old-town Mazatlan and among the many marvels we witnessed, I’ll never forget the shock of seeing pigs’ heads displayed for sale. Lucky for you, I didn’t take pictures.

We stopped to watch some cliff divers. They were skilled and entertaining, but not on the grand scale of the ones we saw in Acapulco.

98 Mazatlan divers

We browsed through some high-end jewellery stores on the Gold Coast and strolled the beautiful stretch of beach.

105 Nightclub from the beach, Mazatlan

A priority, of course, was to find the biggest margaritas for the lowest price. I think we were successful. Our buddy, B, was quite the barterer. Huge fishbowl sized glasses of icy heaven for something like $2.50 each. A couple of us, (not mentioning any names, dear hubby) enjoyed more than one of the massive concoctions. It was pure delight, to relax right there on the beach, with excellent companions and a cool drink (or two).

107 Super-sized Margarita's, Mazatlan

A last look at Mazatlan, and Mexico, as the cruise ship headed back towards LA.

108 Leaving Mazatlan

We woke up to long, rolling breakers on the last sea day. Everyone walked around like drunks, staggering from side to side. Many passengers, including our friend, J, had to take to their beds with seasickness. I was surprised and pleased with how well Hubby and I handled it. It was quite comical to watch the swimming pools as the water rolled from one end to the other. People amused themselves, riding the waves or sitting on one end and letting the water wash over them.

120 Big waves with rolling ship

Over the course of the cruise, the talented and creative staff often treated us to intricate fruit and veggie carvings.

27 Fruit & Veggie carvings, Cruise ship

28 Fruit & Veggie carvings, Cruise ship

The Princess Atrium was breathtakingly beautiful. Pictures couldn’t capture the exquisiteness.

44 Princess Atrium

45 Princess Atrium

These old folks, whom I dubbed the green couple, kept permanent watch on deck.

121 The old green couple

We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on Formal Night.

113 Formal night

Seems like just yesterday we’d set out on that cruise of a lifetime, but in a few short months we’ll be celebrating anniversary number thirty-five. 🙂