Sailboats, Yachts, and Crocodiles…

Hubby and I recently returned from a week at Puerto Vallarta’s Las Palmas by the Sea Resort. (Click here for introductory post) The resort itself didn’t overly impress me, but the people we met, the incredible resort staff, and surrounding activities more than compensated.

Our first evening’s show was “Vegas Night”. What it lacked in professional polish, it accomplished in entertainment value. My nighttime photos never turn out, but I always try, anyways.

Las Palmas has one open-air palapa-style buffet, Aires del Mar (Air of the Sea).

I quickly settled on a breakfast combo to my liking, and had it most mornings. Fruit, with two or three pancakes covered in a delicious sauce similar to what my mom used to make, which we called Sucre a la crème.

At lunch, I spotted some sailboats on the horizon, and snapped these shots to see what my new camera could do.

Not zoomed:

With some zoom:

Closely zoomed:

Sidebar: If you’re looking for a single-lens camera with incredible zoom, this Canon Powershot Sx60 HS is the one. It has a 65x Optical Zoom and a decent wide-angle (21–1365mm), all in one lens. I’m so impressed with it.

After lunch, we caught the bus to the Marina Vallarta. We had no idea where to get off, and the bus driver (who spoke some English) was less than helpful. When I glimpsed a sign saying marina, I asked if this was the marina stop. He agreed and let us off. We walked, and we walked, then we walked some more (about one and a half kilometres in the heat). I admit, I was angry. Partly because my feet started hurting, but mostly because we were wasting our day trudging along a busy road.

We happened across this massive yacht along the way. I’ve since learned it belongs to Dennis Washington, owner of Seaspan. The yacht, Attessa IV, is 328 feet long, and is worth $150 million US. Unimaginable.

When I wanted to give up and turn back, Hubby convinced me to go one more block. And, we found the marina! I spotted this sign right away. (Danger Crocodile. No swimming)

And then I saw this big guy cruising around the marina.

And if the croc wasn’t enough to scare a person away from the water, the marina was teeming with little shark-like fish.

We slowly strolled the length of the picturesque marina, filled with drool-worthy yachts.

Apparently, the El Faro Restaurant offers some nice views for the price of a drink. We didn’t go up.

After an uneventful bus ride back to the resort, we just had time to freshen up before catching the cloudy sunset.

It was Mexican Fiesta night at the buffet.

The evening show was also Mexican Fiesta themed. My photos are terrible, as usual.

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