Exploring Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town

Another morning, another iguana viewing from our balcony at Las Palmas by the Sea.

We caught the Centro bus to Old Town midmorning, giving ourselves plenty of time to arrive before the noon-hour start to the free walking tour with Turismo Puerto Vallarta. We used the early arrival to explore the surrounding area.

Plaza de Armas.

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the background.

Ignacio L. Vallarta, namesake of the city, in the Plaza de Armas.

Los Arcos Amphitheater, on the Malecón.

Sights along the Malecón.

Hubby loves photographing pelicans in flight.

Juarez Street

Hubby’s postie hat on a Mexican mailbox.

Municipal Tourism Office, Juarez Street.

Entrance to Palacio Municipal – Old City Hall.

Palacio Municipal

Manuel Lepe, Mexico’s national artist, has several public murals displayed in his native Puerto Vallarta. This one hangs in the stairwell of the Palacio Municipal.

Puerto Vallarta’s coat of arms.

Manuel Lepe mural, at the Plaza de Armas.

Our tour guide, Julian, was a font of local information. At age 68, he does five 2-hour walking tours a week, receiving tips instead of a wage.

Another Manuel Lepe mural, this one on the Malecón.

We wandered through the flea market on La Isla Rio Cuale.

Trump’s not real popular in Mexico.

Swinging bridge connecting La Isla Rio Cuale to Downtown.

Streets of Downtown.

Casa Kimberly, Elizabeth Taylor’s house, on the hill above town.

Stairs leading up to Gringo Gulch and Old Town.

Iguana snoozing in a tree beside the stairs.

Plaque outside Casa Kimberly.

Richard Burton and Liz Taylor.

A lovely white bridge connects Casa Kimberly to the house across the street from it, which was also owned by Liz Taylor.

The streets of Old Town are narrow and paved with crumbling cobblestones. There’s lots of stairs to traverse too, some in poor condition.

The tour ends at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We didn’t peek inside, but I took several exterior shots, to see what my new camera is capable of.

Back in our room at the resort…

Clouds gathered in the evening, creating a dramatic sunset.

The evening’s entertainment, Show de Circo, was cute and funny rather than a showcase of talent.

Although, I imagine working all those hoola hoops took some talent.

My photos didn’t turn out, but still looked cool.

The pup in the elephant suit was precious.

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