Another Vacation Ends With A Whimper

On our final full day in Puerto Vallarta, we’d planned to relax at the resort. Maybe even laze around the pool. Hubby did do some poolside snoozing, but it wasn’t the way we’d envisioned.

The previous evening, he’d had more than his usual drink or two, and I commented that he might regret it. Not surprising, during the night he became ill. He continued feeling very sick the entire day, and spent it horizontal, leaving me to entertain myself between regular checks on him.

This big guy put on a show in the iguana tree that morning.

The estuary was covered in a mysterious ugly film.

This juvenile striated heron didn’t seem impressed with the nasty yuck either.

I killed time snapping pictures. Front entrance:

Palapa lobby:

Aires del Mar buffet:

Refreshment station by the buffet:

Fusion a la carte:

Snack bar by day, Guacamajazz a la carte by night:

Activity pool – our first room, on the fourth floor, is in the upper left-of-center behind the palm frond:

Adult pool:

The grounds are limited, though clean and attractive.

Our second room balcony, on the third floor, one down from the top.

Walkway along beach wall:

Hurakenna Bar:

To the beach:

Hallway to the lobby and outside:

We always used the stairs. With my vision issues, the spiral ones were tricky.

The set closest to our room were easier.

Cruise ship arriving:

The estuary water cleared up midafternoon.

Snowy egret’s cute yellow feet:

Cormorant striking a pose:

Canadian flag on the beach:

Attessa IV, the 328-foot yacht we’d previously seen on the way to the marina:

Mouth of estuary from the beach:

Cormorant still standing guard:

Second time spotting this yellow-crowned night-heron:

A juvenile night-heron was nearby:

Beach entertainment:

Hubby felt well enough to join me for dinner, although he only had soup.

Night lights of PV, poorly captured:

Palapa lobby lights:

The evening entertainment, Showtime, highlighted movies.

These guys got big cheers:

Three iguanas in the tree on our last morning:

With Hubby mostly recovered, I wanted to explore the beach on the other side of these rocks. I made it a couple of feet before freezing. Because of my distorted vision, I couldn’t judge whether to step up or down, take a big step or small. We reluctantly determined it wasn’t safe to proceed. I was super disappointed.

The plane ride home had severe turbulence, and to my complete mortification, I threw up for five hours straight. Hubby and the flight attendant were incredibly helpful and sympathetic. Obviously, Hubby’s illness the day before had been food poisoning or a stomach bug, and that same fate had struck me. That made it the fourth time happening to him on a trip and third time for me. Unfortunately, these were the only souvenirs I brought home:

Click here for my first post on our trip.


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