Stellar Reviews For Dare To Risk All Audio Book

The audio version of Dare To Risk All has been available for about two weeks now, and the positive reviews have been pouring in, on and a few on

I’ve posted some samples below, and you can read them in their entirety on Audible’s website. (Canadians have to click the link on the top bar to get to the American site)

5 Stars – A very heartwarming story, I loved it very much. The story was well written and very cute and adorable. A very good story to have in my car and listen to it while driving.

5 Stars – Lots of drama and a very enjoyable read.

5 Stars – Joyce M Holmes wrote the story beautifully of Tessa and Ben (plus lovable pet Milo). Lili Dubuque was an excellent choice for this performance. She added to the book with her easy tempo and smooth voice…The author wrote very realistic characters and had the right amount of tension and competition in the book. Well done.

5 Stars – I really enjoyed this book. This story is full of real life issues that deal with decisions and the outcomes as well. The narration was good and kept you entertained.

5 Stars – There were many ups and downs and a plethora of ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ – the very definition of the risk we take when we fall in love. The narrator was a great choice. She kept the listen flowing…made the great moments in this obstacle course very personal.

4 Stars – The story has a very interesting premise. It has a unique way of showing how the characters interact with each other. Very good audio book and enjoyed listening.

4 Stars – A good back and forth book with some good and some not so nice sub characters thrown in. I think the narrator did a great job too. This was my first listen for this author and narrator and I’d definitely but another of her books.

4 Stars posted on Amazon – Cute sweet romance story. Great characters. Loved Milo. The narrator did a good job with the characters voices.

You can find links to reviews for all  my books listed here.


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