Dare To Risk All Is Now Available In Audio!

I actually have some writing news to share today. It’s so exciting to announce that one of my books, Dare To Risk All, has been released as an audio book!

I hate to admit it, but I’d never actually listened to an audio book before I started this process with Dare To Risk All, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My narrator, Lili Dubuque, has a lovely voice, and she did a wonderful job with the narration. While doing the listen-through of the final audio file, I felt a little disconcerted at first because the words she spoke weren’t always exactly the same as my written version. After I got over that perfectionist obsession, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story, and I hope everyone else will take as much pleasure in it as I did.

The audio version is listed on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Audible.ca and Apple’s IBooks. I’d love for you to check it out!

I want to give The Wild Rose Press a huge shout-out and thank you for initiating the conversion of their catalog to audio. Dare To Risk All was part of this daunting process, and I’m thrilled that a narrator has recently been selected for Visual Effects, so it is also being made into an audio book. I’ll certainly let everyone know as soon as it becomes available.


2 thoughts on “Dare To Risk All Is Now Available In Audio!

  1. Joyce,

    I just signed up for updates on your blog a little earlier today and was disappointed when I then saw you were taking time out from it. So seeing this update was a lovely surprise and it is great to hear your amazing news – congrats!


    • Thank you for signing up for my blog, Sasha. And thanks also for the congrats. I’m sorry to have disappointed you with my hiatus. If you enjoy travel tales (with lots of lovely photos) or doggie stories and pictures, you’ll find a trove of articles to browse through on my website. And I promise, I’ll pop in as often as I can to share whatever’s happening in my life at the time. 🙂


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