The Quest For Thanksgiving Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian family and friends!

It’s my tradition on Thanksgiving Day to reaffirm all I’m most grateful for. The past year has been another difficult one, both personally and on a worldwide scale, making me dig a little deeper to find gratitude.

The new year couldn’t have started worse. I spent the night of New Year’s Eve alone in hospice, watching my mom breathe, afraid if I closed my eyes for a moment she might slip away. Two weeks later, I once again sat alone, watching while Mom took her last breath. As heart wrenching and sad as this was, I hope she felt my love and knew she wasn’t alone. She’s left a big hole in my life, and I continue to think about her every single day, but I’m grateful her suffering is finally over.

Barely two weeks later, Hubby and I cruised around Cuba. I didn’t know how I’d be able to set aside my sorrow and enjoy this trip we’d been looking forward to for many months. But I did. I really enjoyed it and found the peace and relaxation I badly needed. So I’m grateful for that. And I’m grateful we got to learn about another country and explore its beauty.

In April, a vitreous hemorrhage in my right eye turned my world upside down. Two surgeries later, my eye still has no functional vision. I’ve lost a lot because of this, but I’m grateful my situation isn’t worse. I’m grateful the surgeons were able to save my eye. I’m grateful I still have some vision and, even if I’m currently struggling, I will adapt to this new reality.

And I’m very grateful I have a loving and supportive husband. He’s been a constant through all of this, doing whatever he can to make my life easier.

I’m thankful for the gift of my children – my three boys and two daughters-in-law. Although I wish I saw or heard from them more often, I’m thankful they’re all healthy and happy and busy in thriving careers. I’m thankful I have two gorgeous, bright, affectionate little grandsons – and I’m especially thankful they came to visit me, not once, but twice, this year!

I’m grateful to spend this Thanksgiving weekend with my firstborn son and his family. Both my son and his wife were born on Thanksgiving Day, two years and two days apart, so it’s an extra special time for us.

And I can’t forget my tiniest blessing. I’m thankful to have had Roxy in my life for another year. The old girl is very fragile and depends on me for all her needs, but that’s okay because I love her to bits and will treasure every moment I have left with her.

I’m grateful to have found a new home for my first two novels. Show No Weakness was released through Roane Publishing last April, and It’s Complicated will be released in December. It’s wonderful to have those book-babies back out in the world.

So, once again, I’m thankful I have reasons to be thankful. I hope you do, too. Happy Thanksgiving!


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