Funky Camels & Gorgeous Lake Views, As Sunday Fundays Continue…

We spent our mid-May Sunday Funday at the Calgary Zoo. Hubby hadn’t visited that zoo since 1993 and, before that, way back in 1978. It’s changed (and improved) immensely over the years.

One of my favourite additions is the penguin exhibit.


1 Humbolt Penguins, Calgary Zoo

2 Humbolt Penguins, Calgary Zoo


3 Empire Penguins, Calgary Zoo


4 Macaroni Penguins, Calgary Zoo

The robotic dinosaurs in the recently updated Dinosaur Park totally impressed us.

5 Calgary Zoo

The massive Brontosaurus is a longstanding fixture at the zoo. Here’s Hubby in front of it in 1978. (Can’t believe my terrible picture-taking skills!!)

6 Calgary zoo

My boys and friends on a rainy day in 1993. (At least I got the dino head in that shot)

6a Calgary Zoo

And Hubby again, this year. (Only missing the tail this time)

6b Calgary Zoo

We were wildly excited to view the mama gorilla and her very new baby. I got a good video of them, but they’re barely discernible in my photos through the glass.

7 Momma & baby Gorilla, Calgary Zoo

A month later, my nephew captured this adorable shot of the two outside, which he’s kindly allowed me to share. Thanks, Ty!

7a Momma & baby Gorilla, Calgary Zoo

It seemed most of the animals were moulting or napping, and some were moulting while napping.

Funky Camel

8 Moulting camel, Calgary Zoo

Sleeping Tiger

9 Sleeping tiger, Calgary Zoo

Lazy Yak

10 Yak, Calgary Zoo

Relaxing Bighorn Sheep

17 Bighorn Sheep, Calgary Zoo

Drowsy Snow Leopards

11 Snow Leopards, Calgary Zoo

At least the bears were active.

Yearling black bear cub.

12 Black bear cub, Calgary ZooOne of the black bears is albino.

13 Black bears & albino, Calgary Zoo

When the male grizzly noticed the smaller female had a cob of corn, he decided he wanted it.

14 Grizzly Bear steals the other's corn, Calgary Zoo

The female grizzly immediately backed off.

15 Grizzly Bear watches the other eat its corn, Calgary Zoo

Wouldn’t want to mess with these lethal claws.

16 Grizzly Bear's huge claws, Calgary Zoo

The little gophers provided entertainment.

18 Calgary Zoo

On our drive home from Alberta, we stopped at the Sicamous Creek Waterfalls trail. It wasn’t a Sunday, but I’m still counting it as a Funday.

19 Sicamous Creek Waterfall Trail 20 Sicamous Creek Waterfall Trail 21 Sicamous Creek Waterfall Trail 22 Sicamous Creek Waterfall Trail 23 Sicamous Creek Waterfall Trail

Having just returned from a trip, we were busy at home the next Sunday (lucky we’d had two outings the previous week), and we also missed the following Sunday because neither the weather nor I were at our best.

Our first Sunday Funday in June, we followed one of the Mission Creek Park trails on the south side of the creek. To my delight, we came across a turtle pond.

24 Turtle Pond 31 Turtle Pond

An idyllic setting, we spotted lots of little turtles, sunning and swimming.

25 Turtle Pond 27 Turtle Pond 29 Turtle Pond

Cute waterfowl, too.

26 Turtle Pond 28 Turtle Pond 30 Turtle Pond

We then took the Sutherland Hills Loop.

32 Sutherland Hills Loop 34 Sutherland Hills Loop

It was a gentle, scenic walk, although the vast amount of poison ivy growing right along the trail was disconcerting.

33 Poison Ivy

I’ve hiked from the bottom parking area of Knox Mountain, then over to Paul’s Tomb (2.75 kms with an elevation change of 190 metres) and I’ve hiked from the first viewpoint to the upper viewpoint (1.28 kms with an elevation change of 170 metres).

My next Sunday Funday challenge was to hike from the bottom of the Apex Trail all the way to the top (1.78 kms with an elevation change of 260 metres). And I made it!

Okanagan Lake looking south.

35 Knox Mtn

Okanagan Lake looking north.

36 Knox Mtn

I did have to stop a time or two to catch my breath, and try not to woof my cookies – which thankfully I didn’t.

37 Knox Mtn

Hubby, the machine, was barely winded when we reached the top.

37a Knox Mtn

Looking at Dilworth Mountain Park, with the Sexsmith area in the background.

38 Knox Mtn

We walked down using the paved road, as it’s easier on Hubby’s knees. Roadside view of Okanagan Lake (and Kelowna) looking south.

39 Knox Mtn

The first viewpoint as seen from the road.

40 Knox Mtn

The same viewpoint from further down the road.

41 Knox Mtn

While not particularly ‘fun’, I did enjoy the challenge, and it was lovely being in the great outdoors with spectacular vistas at every turn.

Speaking of spectacular vistas, you won’t believe what’s still to come as Sunday Fundays continues. Go to first Sunday Funday post here. Jump to next post here.


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