Spectacular Fintry Falls and More Sunday Funday Photos

Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July! Hope everyone had/is having a safe and fun weekend.

Picking up where I left off with our weekly Sunday Fundays…

Hard to believe, but I’d never been to Fintry before our visit in mid-April. Fintry is located about 30 kms down the infamous Westside Road on the northwest side of Okanagan Lake. Westside Road is known for being winding and narrow, and for its breathtaking vistas.

1 Lake Okanagan

I did quite well with the whole windy road with no shoulders situation (of course I wasn’t driving) until right around the Fintry Delta Road turnoff. Being so close to the edge of the road, with such a large drop-off below, actually made me hyperventilate just a tad.

The Fintry Trail starts just beyond these historical farm buildings, which includes a unique octagonal dairy barn.

1a Dairy barn @ Fintry Prov Park

There are approximately 400 stairs to the top of the falls, but they’re interspersed with viewing platforms and a relatively level trail, making the ascent less of a challenge.

2 Fintry Prov Park

We soon could hear a mighty rumble, which quickened our steps in anticipation. We were told the Shorts Creek Falls can dwindle to little more than a trickle by August, making us feel lucky to experience it in such a magnificent state.

3 Falls @ Fintry Prov Park 4 Falls @ Fintry Prov Park 5 Falls @ Fintry Prov Park

I wish my photos could do justice to the powerful early spring runoff.

6 Falls @ Fintry Prov Park 6a Falls @ Fintry Prov Park 6b Shorts Creek @ Fintry Prov Park

Mist saturated the air and we couldn’t stay near the falls for long without getting quite wet, yet I wanted to linger because the sight and sound was so amazing.

7 Water mist @ Fintry Prov Park

Glimpses of the lake and land below were lovely, as well.

8 Lake Okanagan from Fintry 9. Lake Okanagan from Fintry 11 Fintry Prov Park

We climbed above the falls, and when we circled back, we had great views looking down.

10 Trail above  falls @ Fintry Prov Park 12 Fintry Prov Park

That’s Hubby on the lookout platform below.

13 Fintry Prov Park

An already near-perfect day got even better when we encountered bighorn sheep on the way back home. They’re a common sighting along Westside Road, but I’d never had the opportunity to cross paths with them before.

16 Bighorn sheep on Westside Rd 18 Bighorn sheep on Westside Rd 19 Bighorn sheep on Westside Rd 20 Bighorn sheep on Westside Rd

We also saw some deer. I was in wildlife-sighting heaven.

21 Deer on Westside Rd 22 Deer on Westside Rd

For our last Sunday Funday outing in April, we took a quiet stroll through Dilworth Mountain Park. In the spring, the park boasts stunning fields of blooming Arrow Leaf Balsam Root, which happens to be Kelowna’s official flower.

23 Dilworth Mountain Park 24 Dilworth Mountain Park 25 Dilworth Mountain Park 25a Dilworth Mountain Park

Situated above the Kelowna Golf and Country Club, Dilworth Mountain Park offers panorama views of the golf course and city.

26. Dilworth Mountain Park 27 Dilworth Mountain Park 28 Dilworth Mountain Park 29 Dilworth Mountain Park

Back in April, when we explored the Oyama Isthmus, we decided to return to bike the length of the Pelmewash Parkway, an eight kilometre stretch of road that used to be part of Highway 97.

31 Pelmewash Parkway

The road is relatively flat and runs along Woods Lake.

32 Pelmewash Parkway 33 Pelmewash Parkway

We thought it’d be a relaxing, safe place to bike (I’m not an experienced cyclist), but we didn’t realize vehicle traffic would be so heavy. With narrow shoulders (non-existent in places) and drivers ignoring the 50 K speed limit, the short ride got my heart rate up in more ways than one. Still, it was a beautiful start to May, and we were happy to be out enjoying it for Hubby’s birthday.

34 Pelmewash Parkway 35 Pelmewash Parkway

I actually had children to spend Mother’s Day with this year. We took one of my favourite strolls to Paul’s Tomb on Knox Mountain.

36 Paul's Tomb

Roxy reluctantly posed for a photo once we got there.

37 Paul's Tomb

My handsome brown-eyed boy and beautiful daughter-in-law (and Daisy!) were much more cooperative.

38 Paul's Tomb 39 Paul's Tomb

We capped the stroll off with a stop at Rotary Marsh to check out the Osprey nest. The babies weren’t visible, but the adult ospreys put on an aerial show before landing on their nest.

41 Waterfront park

We’ve had plenty of adventures since then and I’ll be back to share more photos one day soon. Go to first Sunday Funday post here. Jump to next post here.


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