Popping In To Share Some Sunday Funday Photos

Hubby and I have always enjoyed combining exercise and fun with the exploration of our beautiful province. We’ve hiked, biked, strolled and kayaked through some exceptional scenery. This year, our priority is to seek out a different local gem every weekend.

On a warm, sunny day at the end of March, we kicked off Sunday Funday by taking Roxy and our grandpuppy, Daisy, to the waterfalls at Mill Creek Regional Park. Our oldest son and daughter-in-law had their wedding photos taken at that picturesque spot, but for some reason, in all the years we’ve lived here, Hubby and I had never made it out there.

We enjoyed a pleasant stroll along a gurgling creek.

1 Mill Creek Park


3 Daisy & Roxy, Mill Creek Park 4 Mill Creek Park

Being so early in the season, the waterfall was rather gentle.

5 Mill Creek Park

Roxy, my wee blind princess, wasn’t too keen on being put on the ground for a photo.

6 Roxy, Mill Creek Park

Daisy, on the other hand, is an enthusiastic little hiker.

7 Daisy, Mill Creek Park

We didn’t venture off the main trail (which isn’t strenuous, with a gentle elevation and few stairs), or go much beyond the waterfalls. Perhaps we’ll go back one day to see if other parts of the trail prove more challenging.

8 Daisy, Mill Creek Park - Copy 9 Daisy, Mill Creek Park 10 Daisy, Mill Creek Park

The following weekend brought us to the Oyama Isthmus between Woods and Kalamalka Lakes.

Woods Lake

11 Woods Lake 12 Woods Lake

The isthmus will one day be part of the new Okanagan Rail Trail. CN Rail is currently doing remedial work on the area, such as removing the track ties.

13 Woods Lake

I’ve often wondered how many steps we log on our various outings, so picked up a free step counter from Special K. It’s too big for my wrist, but works well on my ankle. Hubby thinks it looks like I’m wearing an electronic monitoring device. Oh well.

14 Step counter works on ankle

Kaloya Park is a little gem located on the Kal Lake side of the isthmus.

15. Kaloya Park, Kal Lake 16. Kaloya Park, Kal Lake

A path circles the entire park, and I wish we’d walked more than just a small part of it. Up above is a grassed area, perfect for picnics.

17 Kaloya Park, Kal Lake

This little cove is beyond gorgeous, and we intend to explore it with the kayak later this summer.

18 Kaloya Park, Kal Lake 19 Kaloya Park, Kal Lake

We spent our second Sunday Funday in April at Glen Canyon Greenway on the Westside.

Powers Creek

20 Powers Creek, Glen Canyon Greenway 24 Powers Creek, Glen Canyon Greenway

Most of the greenway trail is gentle and meandering, and the inclines have sturdy stairs.

22 Glen Canyon Greenway

21 Glen Canyon Greenway 25 Powers Creek, Glen Canyon Greenway

We had great views of the waterfalls from the bridge crossing Powers Creek.

26 Waterfalls at Powers Creek, Glen Canyon Greenway 27 Waterfalls at Powers Creek, Glen Canyon Greenway 28 Waterfalls at Powers Creek, Glen Canyon Greenway 30 Waterfalls at Powers Creek, Glen Canyon Greenway

There are more trails up above the bridge, but we only took a quick peek before making our way back across.

31 Glen Canyon Greenway

What a great and varied start to our weekly outings. I’ll share more Sunday Funday photos in the weeks to come, as the fun continues to roll along all summer long. Click here for next adventure.