Visual Effects Virtual Book Tour, Week One

My newest book, Visual Effects, released on April 13th, and at that time I embarked on a three-week virtual book tour. Virtual tours are so much easier to do than real ones. You get to stay home, after all. Can even show up in your PJs, if you’re so inclined. It might be easier, but it does take time and effort, though, to come up with answers to the various interview questions, monitor the websites for comments, post about the events on Twitter and Facebook…

I’m not a fan of the many promotional aspects of the publishing business, and will probably never feel comfortable trying to sell my own work. But I am very grateful for the support of my fellow authors who gave me a spot on their websites, as well as those who tweeted and retweeted and shared and commented. It was wonderful and so appreciated.

The book tour has now come to an end, but throughout the month of May, I’ll post links to the various interviews, in case you missed reading them the first time. Some of the questions were tricky to answer, most were quite fun. I hope you’ll enjoy learning more about me, my writing process and, of course, Visual Effects.

In the Interview Room with Terry O’Dell

Life’s a Beach with Sandra Dailey

Come by next Monday for more on Visual Effects’ virtual book tour.