Mother Nature’s Marvelous Paintbox

After having to abandon our hike on the Wild Pacific Trail because of my feet issues (which I went on and on about last week), we returned to our cottage in Ucluelet to regroup. Roxy made no bones about what she wanted to do.

This chair looks rather comfy, doesn’t it?

1 Roxy @ Reef Point Cottages, Ucluelet

Give a girl a boost up, okay?

2 Roxy @ Reef Point Cottages, Ucluelet

Ahh, time for a snooze.

3 Roxy @ Reef Point Cottages, Ucluelet

With Roxy settled in, and some unexpected time on my hands, I took my laptop up the street to catch up on my social media. Probably the only drawback to staying at Reef Point Cottages is that they don’t have WIFI in the cabins. It’s available free of charge in and around their front office, where they have plenty of chairs set up. This wasn’t a major issue for us, partly because the weather was lovely, so we didn’t mind sitting outside, but also we don’t use the internet that often while we’re away. We’d rather be off doing, then glued to an electronic device.

While I browsed my various emails and such, I noticed a man taking pictures nearby. As I left the porch to return to our cabin, he motioned me over to see a deer grazing in a grassy area on the other side of the road. Of course I had to venture closer to take my own photos.

4 Deer @ Reef Point Cottages, Ucluelet 5 Deer @ Reef Point Cottages, Ucluelet 6 Deer @ Reef Point Cottages, Ucluelet

I zoomed in for those shots, but probably did get closer than I should have. The deer, possibly the same guy we saw the day before, gave me the once-over before deeming me harmless and returning to his grub. He was likely very used to being approached by paparazzi tourists.

I’d previously spotted this old troller, the Evelyn May, in a yard during our frequent travels along Ucluelet’s main street, and asked Hubby to stop to take a picture of it on our way to dinner. It’s not every day you see a boat that size just sitting between two houses, and looked like it’d been there for a while.

7 Evelyn May, Ucluelet

Hubby suggested having dinner at the same restaurant as the previous night, but with that soggy grilled cheese sandwich still fresh in my mind, I vetoed that idea. So we chose Howlers, on the far side of town. It’s an interesting place in that it’s also an amusement centre, offering bowling, pool, and arcade games along with a good selection of food. I ordered the spicy grilled chicken with corn on the cob, and it didn’t disappoint. The corn, so sweet and tender, was especially delicious.

9 Howlers Restaurant, Ucluelet

After a satisfying dinner, we collected Roxy and returned to Big Beach to stake out a spot to watch the sunset. We arrived early, so we settled in to enjoy the scenery while we waited.

10 Big Beach, Ucluelet

As we suspected, it was the perfect location with an unobstructed view.

11 Big Beach, Ucluelet

The lovely lightshow began long before the sun actually made its descent.

12 Big Beach, Ucluelet 13 Big Beach, Ucluelet 14 Big Beach, Ucluelet 15 Big Beach, Ucluelet

The clouds that had gathered during the afternoon never did generate any rain, and they offered a beautiful palette of colours that evening.

16 Big Beach, Ucluelet 17 Big Beach, Ucluelet 18 Big Beach, Ucluelet

There’s no need for me to describe the beauty of that incredible sunset. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

600 Big Beach, Ucluelet 603 Big Beach, Ucluelet 617 Big Beach, Ucluelet 618 Big Beach, Ucluelet 619 Big Beach, Ucluelet 620 Big Beach, Ucluelet 622 Big Beach, Ucluelet

We lingered long after the sun dipped below the horizon, wringing every last drop of pleasure from that awe-inspiring view.

624 Big Beach, Ucluelet 625 Big Beach, Ucluelet 626 Big Beach, Ucluelet 627 Big Beach, Ucluelet 631 Big Beach, Ucluelet

Next week I have a serendipitous tale to share, and photographic proof of Cathedral Grove’s incredible majesty, as well as some other stops along the way back to the east side of Vancouver Island. Click here for that post. Start from beginning of trip here.


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