A Day at the 116th Annual IPE

Despite living in the Okanagan for twenty-one years, Hubby and I have only gone to the annual Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong a handful of times. Whatever the reason, we don’t attend very often. We do love getting up close with all the animals though, and we had to travel to Vernon for some business anyway, and it’s not all that much farther to Armstrong, so we decided to go this year.

Our first stop was the mini-donuts. Yum. Mini-donuts are a must at any fair.

As we strolled along, we came across a huge brood of piglets in an outside pen. I couldn’t get over how they played together like frisky puppies.

2 3

They were so entertaining, even when mama rolled over and they all convened for a snack. It was quite comical how they piled onto each other, all looking a spot.


Goats are always a good draw. They’re so cute and friendly. We did lots of petting.

5 6

The barn also contained sheep and pigs.

7 9

Llamas are becoming quite popular too.

11 17 14

Not sure why, but several of them were all dressed up.


I call walking through the cow barns “looking at cow butts”, because that’s basically what you see. And most of those butts are awfully big.

15 16

Hubby was disappointed that most of the horses were in their stalls and difficult to see. These big brutes were the only ones out. I questioned whether their shoes might be uncomfortable, but they must have their purpose.

19 20

Somehow it just wasn’t as fun looking at the tractors and machinery without excited little boys wanting to climb all over them.


The poultry barn had quite a selection of fancy birds.

23 25 26 27

My heart just melts when I see baby chicks. I’ve always had a soft spot for the fuzzy little things. Too adorable.

30 31

We took a break to enjoy a delicious D Dutchmen ice cream cone. Like the mini-donuts, going to the IPE is simply not complete without a taste of the local ice cream. Hubby was a good sport when I asked to take his picture.


Then it was off to the petting zoo. I’m quite certain we were the only adults without a kid in tow. A tangle of goats.


These little fellows were so patient with everyone wanting a pat.


Piggy Sue was charming big girl.


I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything softer than Rosie Lamb. What a cutie too.


This sweet little Shetland pony had dwarfism as well as other problems, but she’s lived a long life thanks to the loving care of her owners.


One of the best things about a petting zoo is the bunnies. I love bunnies. They’re just so adorable.

44 45 46

We took a gander through the midway, but it doesn’t really hold any appeal to us. We’re not game players or ride takers, although I probably could’ve convinced Hubby to take a spin on the Ferris wheel. That might’ve been fun and in all the years we’ve been together (39), we’ve never been on a Ferris wheel together.

Two hours later, we’d seen all we wanted to see and patted everything we wanted to pat. Definitely not as enjoyable without little ones along, but all in all, it was a nice, relaxing time, and with life being so hectic, we all can use more nice, relaxing times.


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