Where Did July Go?

I can’t believe it’s the end of July already. Half the summer is over and I don’t know where it went. My life continues to go at warp-speed, and happily (I think), it’s about to get even busier. The contract hasn’t been officially signed yet, but it appears that my latest submission has been accepted by The Wild Rose Press. Which means I’ll soon be immersed in edits. Yay! Okay, that might’ve been a little tongue-in-cheek, but I seriously am excited that another of my babies will be published. Maybe just not as excited about the editing part.

This was the story that didn’t want to end. It was a massive beast, which I painstakingly shortened by several thousand words. Several thousand words! And it was still too long when, on the request of my editor, I had to go back and add about three hundred more to up the heat level in a certain scene. So now my dear patient editor and I will have to roll up our sleeves and see if there’s any fat we can cut without damaging the storyline. Because I love this storyline. It’s emotional and moving and very dear to my heart. I’m not the sort who out-and-out sobs when I read something touching, but sometimes my eyes leak, and this story does it to me every time. Every single time. I sincerely hope it touches the hearts of my readers as much.

While waiting for the first round of edits, I’ll continue on my hamster’s wheel. My mom recently moved into an independent living centre and I’m spearheading the work on her condo to get it ready for market. My little Roxy needs her daily physio on her mending leg (as I do on my shoulder). I have a short visit with my oldest son and his family coming up (oh happy day!!), and later in August, Hubby and I will finally be taking our much-anticipated, twice cancelled, trip to Vancouver Island. And whenever I can, I’ll squeeze in some writing on my slow-moving wip. Oh, mustn’t forget having some fun. Hubby and I hope to resume Sunday Funday – biking, hiking and kayaking long into the fall.

After having the company of some fellow authors these past several weeks, Monday Musings will go back on hiatus for the month of August. I wish everyone a happy, productive and safe remainder of the summer. See you all in September with lots of beautiful photos to share from our Vancouver Island trip.