We Did It!

I’m excited to announce that the results of the voting round for the RONE Awards are in – and It’s Complicated received enough votes to move onto the judging round for Sweet Contemporary. Winners will be announced at the InD’Scribe conference in September. Thank you, so very much, to everyone who took the time and made the effort to vote for me. I appreciate it beyond words.

Back in 2013, Show No Weakness took 1st place in RONE’s Cowboys, Cops and Jocks category.

1308-6 RONE AwardI was surprised and honoured by the win, and doubt if I can do a repeat, but thrilled, nonetheless, for the opportunity to try. And I now have a lovely Finalist badge to go with my 1st Place badge.


On other writing news, my fourth book is currently with my publisher and I hope to hear about a contract soon, with a likely release date of early next year.

My work-in-progress has become a work-delayed. About three scenes in, I realized I was headed in the wrong direction and needed to go back to the beginning to tweak a few things. Before that happened, real life intruded. I’m juggling several things right now and all of them need my time and attention, so I’ve made the decision to put the writing on hold for the summer. If I can find a few spare moments here and there to write, I’ll gladly grab them, but if I can’t, I won’t worry about it. The story isn’t going anywhere.

I’ve decided, as well, on a hiatus from this weekly blog. Just to take some pressure off until I get more pressing matters taken care of. So from now until the end of August, I won’t be posting to my blog unless I have something terribly interesting or exciting to announce.

Have a great summer.


2 thoughts on “We Did It!

  1. Congratulations on the award. Just followed you on Twitter. Your header photo captured my eyes. The Okanagan Valley is such a beautiful area. I used to go there every summer in the 80’s. Hopefully one day I will return as I always liked it there.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


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