Saying Goodbye Was So Hard To Do

All good things must come to an end and so too did our vacation at Sandos Caracol. On our last day of vacation, we usually wander around, take pictures and relax until it’s time to head for the airport. We’d already taken (too) many pictures of the resort, so our main objective that last Wednesday was to have as many monkey encounters as possible. We were so lucky to have several.

1235 1241

There’s obviously a monkey protocol and this little one patiently waited its turn for a banana.

1251 1252

We also went on our last eco tour, the corn tribute, with Noemi. After ten days at the resort and spending at least a part of most days with Noemi, we’d grown quite attached and it was hard to say goodbye. Not only did she give me a touching farewell note, she also made us banana frond bracelets and a bookmark (I use it every day). Such a sweet gesture!


This is Noemi and another resort employee, Alex. I would’ve loved to pack the darling girl in my suitcase and take her home with me. But for someone who has never experienced snow before, she likely would’ve rushed right back to her little piece of paradise.


After the eco tour, we checked out of our room and went off in search of more monkeys. Some of our best encounters of the entire trip happened that afternoon.

1256 1257

At one point, I was watching the monkeys eating bananas in the trees, when one came right down to me. He grabbed a piece of a banana he’d spotted on the ground in front of me and took off with it. I laughed, telling him I thought he was coming to see me. He glanced back over his shoulder and told me off but good, like why in the world would he want anything to do with me when I have no treats to offer him? So comical, and Hubby caught it all on video too, so I can watch it whenever I need a laugh.

Untitled-2 copy

This is one of the baby monkeys, old enough to be off its mama’s back, but still tiny. While Mom foraged for bananas, it enjoyed some berries.


Here’s Mom coming down to snag a banana from our fruit offering.


I’ll leave off with some of my many photos from around the resort.

Fauna first.

The macaws on the way to their daytime perches.

1265 Sandos Caracol 1266 Darwin 1267 Macaw

Hubby loves the friendly grackles.

1268 Grackles 1269 Grackles 1269a Sandos Caracol

Peacock in all his glory.

1270 Peacock

What an expression on this Chachalaca.

1271 Chachalaca

Snowy Egret

1273 Snowy Egret @ Cenote de la Cascade

Iguanas everywhere

1274 Iguana 1275 Iguana

Mayan dog

1276 Mayan dog

Mossy turtle

1277 Turtle in Mayan River

Delicate white-tail deer

1278 White tail deer

Burros play-fighting as brothers do.  It’s all fun and games until the younger one gets kicked in the face.

1279 Burros play-fighting

My very favourite, of course, are the coatis and especially the spider monkeys.

1280 Coatis 1281 1282

Now for some glorious flora.

The grounds are a perfect blend of natural beauty and impeccable grooming.

1283 Sandos Caracol 1284 Sandos Caracol 1285 1286 Sandos Caracol 1287 Orchids @ Sandos Caracol 1288 Sandos Caracol 1289 Sandos Caracol 1290 1291 Sandos Caracol 1292 Sandos Caracol

The trees have such character.

1293 Alamo tree 1294 1295

Cacti hung from this tree in front of our building.

1296 Cactus growing off tree by our building

Statues and stonework are tucked away all over the place.

1297 Sandos Caracol 1298 Sandos Caracol 1299 Sandos Caracol 1300 Sandos Caracol 1301 Sandos Caracol 1302 Sandos Caracol 1303 Sandos Caracol 1304 Sandos Caracol 1305 Sandos Caracol 1306 1307 1308 Sandos Caracol

Lots of interesting paths to stroll, day or night.

1309 Path by burros 1310 Sandos Caracol 1311

Unique cenotes and Mayan ruins/temples.

1312 Cenote Sacrado 1313 Cenote de la Tortuga 1314 Cenote Select 1315 Cenote de la Tortuga 1316 Cenote Cristalino 1317 Cenote Cristalino 1318 1319 Cenote Cristalino 1320 Cenote Cristalino 1321 Mayan Ruins 1322 Mayan ruin 1323 Temple

Jesus in his Mayan garb

1324 Jesus-Mayan River boat ride 1325 Jesus

More Mayan costumes


Fun kids’ stuff

1327 1328 Kids Club

Sandos Caracol entrance

1329 Caracol main entrance

Los Lirios Restaurant & Elite Club pool

1330 Los Lirios Restaurant & Elite Club pool

Salvia Vegetarian Restaurant

1331 Salvia Vegetarian Restaurant

El Templo Japanese Restaurant

1332 El Templo Japanese Restaurant

La Toscana Italian Restaurant

1333 La Toscana Italian Restaurant

Beachfront La Riviera Restaurant

1334 La Riviera Restaurant

Brazillian Rodizio Restaurant & Adult pool

1334a Brazillian Rodizio &  Adult pool

La Laguna International Buffet

1335 La Laguna International Buffet 1336 La Laguna International Buffet 1337 La Laguna International Buffet

Las Mascaras Mexican Buffet

1338 Las Mascaras Mexican Buffet 1339 Las Mascaras Mexican Buffet 1340 Las Mascaras Mexican Buffet

El Nido snack bar

1341 El Nido snack bar 1342 Swings @ El Nido snack bar

Info Centre & Sports Bar

1343 Info Centre & Sports Bar


1344 Theatre 1345 Theatre

Spa & Gym

1346  Spa & Gym 1347 Spa


1348 Lobby Entrance 1349 1350

L’Elefant Lobby Bar

1351 L'Elefant Lobby Bar 1352 L'Elefant Lobby Bar 1353 L'Elefant Lobby Bar

The main pool is long and narrow with larger pools at each end.

1354 Main pool

La Tortuga pool

1355 La Tortuga pool

Last, but certainly not least, the beach.

1356 Sandos Caracol 1357 Sandos Caracol 1358 1359 1360 1361 1362 1363

I’ll try to do justice to the incredible Xcalacoco ceremonies on my final Sandos Caracol post next week. Click here for that post. To start with the first post of the trip click here.


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