Five Stars for It’s Complicated

Today I happened across this incredible five-star review for It’s Complicated. I’d submitted the book for review many months ago and had finally forgotten about it, figuring it probably wasn’t going to happen. So imagine my surprise when I opened my copy of InD’tale Magazine today and saw the review. I was shocked, thrilled and extremely touched. Okay, I admit, I may have cried. The review’s that good. You can read it for yourself right here: Review

This is the same magazine I submitted Show No Weakness to back in 2013 and ended up winning one of their RONE Awards. The contest involves a voting process, so I’ll probably at some future date be shamelessly begging all my friends and family to once again vote for me and It’s Complicated.

I won’t even look ahead to that contest though. Right now I’m content to feel blessed that someone “got” my story and my characters and then shared their enthusiasm and kind words with others. Thank you so much, Mary-Nancy Smith and InD’Tale Magazine!


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