Lots of Monkey Business

Hubby and I just got back from our best vacation ever. Luckily, most of our vacations are great, but this one just might be a little bit extra special. We spent ten days at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort in the Riviera Maya. I’ve had my eye on this place for a few years now and I’m so glad we finally went. What an experience.

With memories of last year’s hellish trip home still fresh in my mind, I started eyeing our socked-in mornings with trepidation, but the day we left dawned clear. And we felt blessed to be escaping the impending massive snowstorm. (In the coming days, our area got hit with a 75-year record snowfall, even prompting an unheard of two-day school closure.)

But we didn’t get away unscathed, making me wonder if we were becoming cursed travelers. This was our first trip with my new laptop, and we tried to forget it twice along the journey there. Once in Timmy’s at the airport—thank you, kind gentleman, for bringing it to our attention—and again when we arrived at the resort. That time I realized we’d left it just before our golf cart driver took us to our room. Those acquainted with Hubby and me know how unusual this behaviour is. (We were over-cautious the rest of the trip, but that didn’t stop me from almost forgetting my camera at the pool. Thanks, yet again, to an angel of a young lady who rushed after us to return it.)

Back to the trip…We were at the front of the line, about to board the plane, when a pilot appeared to make an unpopular announcement. The plane would be delayed leaving because of thunderstorms in the Gulf of Mexico. Finally on board an hour and a half later, we discovered the child from hell seated in front of us. Seriously, I love kids. I mean, I love them and have loads of patience, but this little boy, all of three years old, was a terror, and his beleaguered mother quickly gave in to his every demand for fear of setting off his temper.

We consoled ourselves with the knowledge we had the entire seat to ourselves and would be able to stretch out during the six-hour flight. Then, just before take-off, a gent from across the aisle decides to move into the empty seat beside us to be closer to his wife, sitting one row behind. Nice enough guy, but he promptly fell asleep, blocking us into our seats and he barely even looked his wife’s way the entire trip.

By time the plane landed, we were tired and just this side of starving. So wouldn’t you know it, thanks to the storms several planes had arrived at once, throwing the Cancun airport into complete chaos. I have never, ever, seen such a zoo, with little-to-no direction on how to find our luggage and then where to go once we located it. Adding to the delay, as the last resort on the shuttle’s schedule, we made many stops along the way. It was fully dark when we arrived at the huge resort and, thankfully, we were escorted to our room on a golf cart. The last little disappointment came with the realization we had two double beds, rather than the king I’d requested. (I did like the towel art, however)


So, yeah, I was feeling a little cursed. Just a little though, as I reminded myself (several times) I had no right to complain. After all, I’d be spending the next ten days in the Riviera Maya. Kinda puts things into perspective.



In the coming weeks, I’ll share all we learned and experienced in our amazing ten-day stay, including my hike up a pyramid and adorable monkey pictures. Yes, there were monkeys! Click here to start the adventure.