Roadtrip Through the Rockies

Last month Hubby and I took a roadtrip to Alberta – over 600 kms, taking about seven and a half hours – to visit with our oldest son and his family. It had been many years since we’d made the trip east, and I remembered it as a long and arduous, if breathtakingly beautiful, drive. It pleased me to discover that thanks to road improvements, it wasn’t all that long or arduous, but still every bit as beautiful.
We lived in Revelstoke, nestled in the gorgeous Columbia Mountains, for five years, so that was our first pitstop. Because we had Roxy with us, we had to eat fast food for lunch, and we chose the A&W on the TransCanada Hwy. The big shady park with picnic tables made it perfect for our little dog. When we lived in Revelstoke, (I can’t believe it’s been twenty years!) A&W was the only choice for fast food, now there’s also a McDonald’s and Tim Hortons. Such progress! After lunch we took a quick detour through the old neighbourhood. I was happy to see the house we once lived in looking good. The last time I saw it, it had been decidedly shabby.
On leaving Revelstoke, we drove through the Roger’s Pass, where the Selkirk Mountains meet the Rockies, towards Golden.
Golden is surrounded by three different mountain ranges, most notably the majestic Rockies.
East of Golden is the Kicking Horse Canyon. This has always been a notoriously bad stretch of highway. There’s still a small section of narrow highway with deep hairpin turns, and this is where I saw the only wildlife on the way out there. Several deer, right on the side of the road at a particularly bad turn. I hope they all stayed safely off the highway. (On the return trip I saw a mama grizzly and two adorable little cubs grazing on the side of a hill in Banff National Park! My first grizzly sighting in a natural setting.)
Most of that stretch of highway through Kicking Horse Canyon has now been amazingly improved. Especially with the construction of the 405 meter long Park Bridge, which opened in 2007. This is a photo I took off the BC Gov’t website.
Park_Bridge5The Kicking Horse River might be a white-water force to be reckoned with along some of its length, but by Field, BC, it gently meanders along, more of a stream than a river. It’s the loveliest shade of aquamarine.
So picturesque, with the train coming out of the mountain tunnel. Too bad it wasn’t a better quality shot.
All along the TransCanada, there are wildlife crossings. I’ve yet to witness animals using them, but they certainly do. Such a good idea.
The trip took us through one national park after another and as eager as I was to get to our destination, the sights along the way were not to be missed.


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