On The Writing Front…

Even though I’m more lurker than participant, I feel so fortunate to be part of a large group of authors associated with MFRW. MFRW stands for Marketing for Romance Writers, although many of the authors write different genres. The focus of the group is to help each other learn the best ways to market and promote their product and to support one another in these endeavours.
What’s even more incredible is the way they’ve all tweeted and retweeted about each other’s books. With the power of Triberr, the tweets really get out there. Such support has been wonderful, and I’ve tried to return the favour by tweeting or retweeting for each of them. Although my reach isn’t far, the Karma is good. I don’t know if all this exposure will translate into more sales, but it’ll definitely help with name recognition, and at this stage in my career, that’s just as important.
The authors of MFRW’s are equally generous with advice and sharing their knowledge on all aspects of writing, publishing and marketing. I strongly advise anyone who writes to join this yahoo group. The resources available on their site are invaluable. You can find their group info here.
On to my exciting news. I’ve signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press on one of my others books!
We’re still in the very early stages, and about all I know at the moment is the title will be Dare To Risk All and I’ll soon start working on edits with my new editor. Which means I’ve had to set aside the manuscript I’ve been working on, because I simply don’t have the kind of mind capable of juggling different stories at the same time. Fingers crossed the edits won’t be too heavy and I can quickly get back to writing (rewriting) my current wip.
For days now, I’ve been madly combing through Dare To Risk All, looking for over-used words, switching the wording in this sentence, completely deleting that sentence, making a little tweak to this scene, making a bigger tweak to that scene…it’s never ending and I tend to be compulsive about it. And of course, once I’m finally done, I’ll have to proofread the entire 200 plus pages for typos. My plan is to get the story back to the editor tomorrow morning, so she can start the editing/revision process.
Hmm, I guess I don’t actually need to sleep tonight.


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