My Spring Colours

Last weekend I shared some of my favourite West Coast Spring colours, and so this weekend I thought I’d share some of the beautiful flowers found right in my own yard. I’m so fortunate to have a hubby who does all the garden tending and all I have to do is enjoy the results.
A year ago, he planted this Nan King Cherry for me in the front yard. It had gorgeous delicate blooms in April.
1404-9 Nanking Cherry
1404-11 Nanking Cherry
Once it finished blooming, small sour cherries appeared, and the ground cover below came into bloom.
1404-13 Nan King Cherry
1405-1 Nan King Cherry
1405-2 Phlox
I don’t know what this is called, but it’s an interesting small bloom
Along the house behind the Cherry, we have a Lilac
1405-4 Lilac
A Spirea
1405-5 Spirea
A variegated Weigela
1405-6 Weigela
And I’m not sure what this small yellow flower is, but it adds some bright colour.
On the side of the house, Bearded Iris grow
1405-7 Bearded Iris
And there’s a glorious Quince
1405-8 Quince
Years ago my hubby transplanted a couple of Rhodos and for the longest time they huddled, miserable and bare of blossoms. They’ve finally come around and decided to like their new home. Each spring they bless us with unbelievable beauty.
1405-9 Rhododendron
1405-10 Rhododendron
1405-11 Rhododendron
Towards the back of the yard, native Columbine grows. As their blossoms tend to face downward, they can be difficult to photograph to their full potential.
1405-12 Columbine
1405-13 Columbine
1405-14 Columbine
We think this is a wild Geranium, but not sure. Cute little blossom.
1405-15 wild geranium
The back hedge along the garden is rather overgrown, but I like it that way. There’s plenty of treats for the eye tucked here and there and everywhere.
1405-17 Spirea
I have no idea what this dainty, delicate little flower is.
1405-21 Weigela
There’s lots of adorable Johnny Jump-ups.
1405-23 Johnny Jump Up
More Columbine grows on the other side of the back shed.
1405-24 Columbine
1405-25 Columbine
1405-26 Columbine
Snow in Summer
1405-33 Snow in Summer
1405-34 Snow in Summer
Our main front bed is difficult to plant. It has a hot southern exposure and the ground is full of tree roots. We’ve found that containers of Petunias grow best. This is early in the season. Give them a month and they’ll put on a splendid show.
1405-37 Petunia
This year I tucked some delicate little Bacopa in with the Petunias.
1405-39 Bacopa
We’ve planted some Alyssum as well, but so far it’s not looking all that great.
1405-36 Alyssum
A favourite flower from my childhood is a Snapdragon. These beauties are voluntaries that come up every year.
1405-39a Snapdragons
1405-40 Snapdragons
1405-41 Snapdragons
We tore down the shed next to the carport this spring and needed to find a temporary fix to keep Roxy from wandering off. I eventually came up with this lattice design and Hubby installed it. It’s high enough to contain a small dog and the wood goes well with my greenery. We keep our huge old Christmas Cactus outside during the warm months and I think it looks quite good in front of the lattice.
More flowers will bloom as the season goes on and some have already come to their end. I enjoy them all, start to finish.


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