How I Spent My Childless Mother’s Day

Ever since I had children, I’ve wisely trained them to believe and accept that Mother’s Day was the one day of the year where we focused on me and what I wanted. What I always wanted, without fail, was to spend time as a family. I had no interest in breakfast in bed, although I did appreciate the occasional ones I got over the years. I wanted to do something fun (at least for me) such as going for a long walk or hike. My boys never failed me, and with minimal grousing, they accompanied me on whatever adventure I decided on that year. Hubby (and sometimes the dogs) also tagged along.
I was eight months pregnant in this picture, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying Mother’s Day at Swan Lake in our little car-top boat.
This was at Skunk Cabbage Trail
9205-6 Skunkcabbage Trail
Mission Creek Greenway, a favourite destination over the years
9705-3 Mission Creek
As my boys got older, and their priorities shifted, it wasn’t as easy for all of us get together on Mother’s Day. First my middle son moved across the country to the east coast. I missed his company, but okay, he had an excuse not to be there. About the same time, my oldest son became a father. He always made sure to spend a portion of his day with me, but I no longer came first. That’s to be expected. And I got the added bonus of spending part of ‘my special day’ playing with my adorable grandsons.
When my youngest son moved to the west coast, his attendance on Mother’s Day became hit and miss. When he was in town though, he knew the drill and he was all mine for the day.
Of course, I’m not only a mother, I’m also a daughter, so part of Mother’s Day belongs to my mom. I have to share her with other siblings, so we fit in time together around everyone else’s plans.
0305-3 Mom
To the best of my recollection, this year was the first Mother’s Day where none of my children or grandchildren were around, all of them now living far from home. Ever since my oldest son and his family moved away last summer, I’ve dreaded all the upcoming special days, knowing Hubby and I will be celebrating them alone. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter…now Mother’s Day. I can’t pretend it’s been easy, because it hasn’t. But it’s my new reality and I’m learning to make the best of it.
This Mother’s Day I convinced my hubby to take over for my boys and make my day special for me. Hubby has always professed over the years that I’m not his mom so he doesn’t have to acknowledge me on Mother’s Day, but it was just an excuse for why he’d forgotten to buy me a card. I guess he felt badly enough about the boys being gone this year, because he fixed Mom and me an incredibly tasty brunch with omelettes, pancakes, bacon and fruit.
Then we spent the rest of the day having fun. We took Mom for a short walk at a local park, then grabbed Roxy and some water and headed up Knox Mountain.  It’s so much easier to hike now that Roxy goes into a sling.
5 Knox Mtn
The views along the way are worth the rather strenuous hike.
1 Knox Mtn
Hubby’s knee wasn’t up to making it all the way to the top, so we stopped partway for a rest and to enjoy the view, then headed back down.
8 Knox Mtn
7 Knox Mtn
Next destination was our picturesque (and busy) waterfront park and a stroll along the boardwalk.
11 Waterfront Park
18 Waterfront Park
Several old gents were enjoying the warm, sunny day, sailing their boats in the lagoons.
12 Waterfront Park
13 Waterfront Park
Hubby splurged and bought me a frozen lemonade.
14 Waterfront Park
At Rotary Marsh, we spotted a great blue heron lifting off from the water, and watched an osprey couple take turns supervising their nest. I only had my phone as a camera, so wasn’t able to get any good shots.  That’s the male osprey’s back-end jutting out from the branch on the left.
17 Waterfront Park
Lots and lots of adorable baby ducks were playing in the water.  These two were having such fun splashing and diving.
16 Waterfront Park
Strolling around, enjoying the sights, took up most of our afternoon and kept my mind happily occupied. As I hoped, I did hear from all my kids that day. The youngest called as soon as he woke up that morning (probably so he wouldn’t forget). My oldest called my cell phone while we were out in the afternoon and I got to talk briefly with both of my precious grandsons as well. These are the beautiful flowers they sent me.
1405-3 Mother's Day flowers
And my middle son, the night owl, called in the evening, very late for his time zone. Not the same as seeing their dear faces and getting hugs, but I’m thankful they thought of me and took the time to tell me they love me. Because I surely love them too.


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