Sand, Sun and Crocodiles

Saturday morning, we took the bus into Ixtapa with Sis and BIL.
92 Ixtapa
We wandered aimlessly for a while but didn’t find a whole lot happening. It was almost too hot for walking and many of the shops and cafes were closed. I was looking to buy some silver jewellery and Hubby wanted to pick up a bottle of Tequila for a friend back home. Once we’d accomplished this, we hopped back on a bus to the resort.
The bus stop happens to be right next to the crocodile habitat, so of course we had to pop over and see how the cocodrilos and various friends were doing that day.
98 Crocodile Habitat
96 Iguana, Crocodile Habitat
100 Roseate Spoonbill, Crocodile Habitat
I wanted to photograph these two little guys without the chain link fence marring my view, so I went around the corner, away from railing to take my shot.
103 Iguanas, Crocodile Habitat
For some reason, I followed the fence to back where some vendors had their BBQs set up and this is what I discovered, right there, less than a foot away from me.
105 Crocodile Habitat
That picture was not zoomed in.  No joking, all that separated us was the fence. It was beyond awesome to see the big fellow so close up. The smell of the BBQs must have attracted him and he didn’t seem to mind my presence.
107 Crocodile HabitatHe wasn’t alone, a few good buddies kept him company.
110 Crocodile Habitat
When we returned to the viewing platform, we were surprised to see an older gent, right down by the water. He was calling the crocodiles by name, loudly, over and over again, and what was even more surprising is the way many of the crocodiles were swimming forward to answer his call.
114 Crocodile Habitat
They didn’t leave the water or approach him, but this was obviously something he’d done many times before, possibly feeding them as well, although he didn’t that day. Brave man, or a little crazy, I don’t know, but it was cool to witness.
We’ve always had towel art in our rooms at the various resorts we stayed at, but I have to give kudos to the talented lady who did ours at the Azul. She definitely went the extra creative mile.
Day two of the mysterious knee bruise found it even darker and very tender. The numerous bug bites also were more bothersome, bright red and burning. Yeowza.
118 Bruise, day 2
Some photos of the resort:
View of Isla Ixtapa from our balcony
121 View of Isla Ixtapa from our room
View of Playa Linda and the pier from our balcony
125 View of Playa Linda & pier from our room
View of the resort pools from our balcony
126 View of resort from our room
Some interesting artwork on the grounds
127 Resort grounds
157 Azul Ixtapa Resort
Little Banana Tree
158 Bananas, Azul Ixtapa Resort
Another breathtaking sunset that evening
132 Sunset from our room
Dinner options were Oriental theme at Colores or Mexican theme at Plaza Mexicana. I’d have preferred the Oriental, but according to Hubby, when in Mexico, eat Mexican. So that’s what we did.
That evening’s entertainment was called Broadway. It was well done and Hubby loved it, partly because, unlike me, he knew every production they did.
135 Broadway Show, Zihuatlan Forum
On Sunday morning, Hubby and I walked quite a ways further down Playa Linda, to the point we could see in the distance. There’s a busy RV park close by and parents sat under umbrellas on the beach to watch their children play and surf in the water.
137 Playa Linda
144 Playa Linda
Because the area isn’t sheltered by Isla Ixtapa, the wave action is brisker and the beach is rocky.
146 Playa Linda
A short distance away, more people had gathered to play with a motorized parasail.
141 Playa Linda
Imagine the incredible views they must’ve had up there. But honestly, not even the promise of gorgeous vistas could’ve enticed me to go up there like that.
149 Playa Linda
The walk to the point and back took almost two hours, although we weren’t rushing it. I always walk the beach barefoot and rarely have a problem. That day I returned to the resort with two blisters on my left foot. I mean, really?? My feet are prone to blisters when I wear sandals, so I was thrilled to have discovered a blister block product, which was working miraculously well for me on this trip. But obviously it had no effect in water and abrasive sand. So there I was, once again, on vacation and dealing with painful blisters. But as usual, I just bandaged them up and did my best to ignore them.
Back at the resort, we took the boardwalk over to check out Playa Quieta, the short beach on the other side of our resort, in front of the Azul Grand, where Sis and BIL were staying.
162 Playa Quieta
Isla Ixtapa from the boardwalk by Playa Quieta
163 Isla Ixtapa from Playa Quieta
The Oyster Bar Restaurant from Playa Quieta
168 Oyster Bar from Playa Quieta
Our resort viewed from the boardwalk beside the Oyster Bar
169 Resort from Oyster Bar
After lunch we took a sail on one of the resort’s Hobey Cats.
175 Going on Hobey Cat
177 Going on Hobey Cat
Our operator, Gustavo, was an especially charming young man and we enjoyed the time on the water, chatting with him.
182 With Gustavo, on Hobey Cat
View of the resort from the Hobey Cat
183 Resort view from Hobey Cat
Isla Ixtapa, bathed in the glorious sunset
191 Sunset from our room
We had dinner that evening at the Oyster Bar, right down by the water. I had surf and turf (steak and several little lobsters, maybe crayfish), which I can say was only okay. In fairness, I’m not a foodie, so I rarely rave about what I’ve eaten. Hubby relished every bite of his meal, as he did every other meal he ate while we were there. Lucky him.
Night time view of the resort from the Oyster Bar
196 Resort from Oyster Bar
The evening entertainment was Cleopatra. I loved both the dancing and the costumes, but I struggle to understand heavy accents, so missed much of the narration, the same problem I’d had the previous night. Hubby, who knows the story of Cleopatra better than me, was spellbound.
203 Cleopatra, Zihuatlan Forum
Come explore Isla Ixtapa with me next weekend. Jump to that post HERE or start from the first post HERE.



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