It’s All a Matter of Perspective…

Hubby and I recently returned from our vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico. The trip was quite the collection of calamities, however we choose to chuckle about it, because despite everything, we thoroughly enjoyed each and every day. The resort and surrounding area were beautiful, the weather was hot and sunny, the evenings balmy.
The first calamity actually happened the day before we left. If I can give one bit of advice, it’s this: Don’t change your hair colour the day before you leave on vacation.
Background sidebar…
My natural hair colour’s medium brown with lots of red highlights. I like that colour and have had no desire to change it. Unfortunately, aging and genetics decided differently, so I now need assistance to retain it. The product I’d used over the years is no longer available and I’ve yet to find a good replacement. As a result, my red highlights are gone and the brown colour seems flat.
A few weeks ago, Hubby convinced me to try something called Reddish Brown. It said reddish, not red, and the lady on the box had brown hair, so I decided to give it a go. What I ended up with was lovely brown hair with slightly red highlights, which would’ve been perfect if not for the garish bright orange stripe radiating from the first inch or two of roots. Trying not to panic, I hustled Hubby off to buy a medium brown dye and went through the onerous colouring process yet again. This time I only did the roots and while they remained several shades lighter and, ahem, brighter than the rest of my hair, I had no choice but to live with it—we were leaving the very next day.
That same day I noticed a dime-sized bruise on my right knee and a quarter-sized bruise on my left knee. I made a sarcastic comment about how good I’d look in shorts with those bruises. Little did I know, Murphy was listening.
Back to the trip…
As I climbed into the truck to leave that morning, I was hit with the most distressing nausea. Without warning, just bam, and it was all I could do not to woof my cookies. All the way to the airport I breathed slow and shallow, trying to convince myself I wasn’t sick even though I felt really, really sick. A particularly nasty stomach bug had been making the rounds and I worried it had caught up with me. After I had something to eat at the airport Timmy’s, I felt marginally better instead of worse, so it evidently wasn’t the flu. But the dodgy tummy continued to plague me the rest of the day.
On the flight down to Mexico, Hubby and I commented several times how much we love flying charter. Direct flight, no muss, no fuss. A comfortable five hours later, we were happily spying this from our plane window.
6 Mexico
(We didn’t know Murphy had followed us aboard and heard our heedless comments. More on that another time.)
We stayed at the Azul Ixtapa and were given a room on the top floor with an incredible view of the ocean and Isla Ixtapa. For seven straight evenings, we were treated to the most spectacular sunsets ever.
10 Sunset from our room
I loved the little extras our chambermaid left for us in our room each day.
9 Azul Ixtapa Room
We arrived at the resort at dinnertime, so we dumped our luggage (enjoyed the view) and headed down to the Plaza Mexicana buffet. It’s an open-air room and as we ate, I could feel my legs getting bitten. Over and over. There wasn’t a bug in sight and I don’t think Hubby believed me as I squirmed and swatted. He didn’t experience a single nibble.
That evening, we were suppose to meet up with my sister and BIL, who were staying at the resort next to ours, to watch the nightly entertainment. But the only obvious stage was deserted and we felt frustrated not knowing where to go. Eventually a beautiful young Mexican dancer approached us and carefully gave directions in broken English. We madly rushed there, only missing about ten minutes of the show.
The next morning, as I lathered on sunscreen, I counted about twenty small bright red welts on my legs. They burned more than itched and sort of resembled chicken pox. I also noticed a tender spot on the inside of my right knee and further examination revealed a baseball-sized bruise developing with a huge, rock-hard contusion beneath. How does a person injure the inside of a knee without realizing when it happened? Not a clue.
61 Knee bruise, day 1
A multitude of bug bites and a massive bruise. And I’d been concerned about two tiny bruises. Ha, Murphy said, take that.
We enjoyed walking along Playa Linda after breakfast. There’s always something interesting to see on the beach.
23 Playa Linda
33 Playa Linda
Near the pier is a crocodile habitat. That’s cocodrilos in Spanish. I believe this is the same sanctuary we visited years ago on a port of call.
35 Crocodile Habitat
This big guy was the first cocodrilo we came across. He was enjoying a quiet siesta and didn’t move a muscle.
38 Crocodile Habitat
We saw several crocodiles in the water, along with some large turtles, who seemed to mostly stay in pairs.
45 Crocodile Habitat
46 Turtle, Crocodile Habitat
50 Turtles, Crocodile Habitat
Roseate Spoonbills overwinter here. They’re a beautiful and unique looking bird and we were thrilled to get a glimpse of them.
40 Roseate Spoonbill, Crocodile Habitat
42 Roseate Spoonbill, Crocodile Habitat
Large iguanas also make the habitat their home. We spotted many hiding in the trees and a few sunned themselves in plain sight.48 Iguanas, Crocodile Habitat
55 Iguana, Crocodile Habitat
A view of our resort from Playa Linda (Linda Beach).
59 Azul Ixtapa
And a view of the resort from the Oyster Bar Restaurant.
70 Azul Resort from Oyster Bar
Exceptional towel art.
62 Towel art
Real hibiscus.
64 Our room
Another unique and glorious sunset.
74 Sunset from our room
79 Sunset from our room
From our balcony, we could see the Papantla Flyers rehearse their show every evening. Quite spectacular with the sunset colours behind them.
83 Papantla Flyers
That evening, the buffet dinner was at the Zihuatlan Forum, an outdoor venue (I wisely wore bug repellent) where we watched the Fiesta en America dinner show. The Papantla Flyers put on an impressive act during the show.
88 Papantla Flyers
I’ll be back next weekend with more pictures, more tales and more calamities. Jump to that post HERE or start with first post HERE.


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    • I was told that they might have been chiggers because of the ugly red welts with a head, but I have no idea really. Chiggers don’t fly and I was definitely bitten on my arms and legs, not just the ankles.


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