Home From Paradise

We arrived home from Ixtapa Friday morning. It was a wonderful vacation, but I’m still recovering from the arduous trip home. I’ll post my usual travel blog next weekend. In the meantime, here’s a few tidbits.
View of Isla Ixtapa from our room
Every night a beautiful sunset
The crocodiles were always entertaining

Yesterday I tracked down the results from the Chatelaine Awards for Romantic Fiction put on by Chanticleer Book Reviews. My novel Show No Weakness was a finalist, but as I suspected, it didn’t win. They only list the first place finalists, so I don’t know how well I did compared to the other finalists. That’s okay though. I’m pleased and proud to have finaled in such a high-end writing competition. I do believe I’ve entered this book in one other competition, which I haven’t heard back from yet.
I’ve decided to let my current wip simmer for another week or so before I give it the final read-through and start work on the synopsis. It’s important for me to get some distance from it first, so that any problems become more readily apparent. And let’s face it, I’m not eager to delve into the dreaded synopsis either. I will, however, start playing around with various taglines and blurbs. Then I plan to take a month off from writing before starting my next project, which is already written, just in need of some heavy revisions.

See you next weekend with lots of photos and some travel adventures. Jump to that post HERE.


7 thoughts on “Home From Paradise

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