Looking Forward

2014 has barely started and I’m looking ahead, wondering what the New Year has in store for me. I’m hoping there’ll be more good than bad times, for myself, my family and the world as a whole.
Unfortunately, 2014 has already been a bit of a rocky ride for some of my loved ones.
My son and daughter-in-law started out the new year stuck in a chilly house without power for several days. They weren’t alone. This has been a stormy winter all over the place and many people have had to endure frigid conditions, some without electricity. I’m very grateful that our winter has been nice and mild so far, with barely any snow.
I recently received some tragic news, that a young friend of my youngest son suffered a catastrophic back injury while performing a double front flip on his dirt bike at a performance in Ontario. We don’t know what the future will hold for him, but he has an indomitable spirit and everyone, thousands of people world-wide, is hoping and praying for his full and speedy recovery. Hang in there, Bruce. If anyone can overcome this, it’s you.
As I write this, Hubby is still off work with his bum knee. We don’t know when that will be resolved or what the outcome will be. It might be irrational to expect someone who has to wear two massive knee braces to walk 15 kms every day, so he could be facing some sort of a career change. It’s a scary thought and we try not to dwell on it, because there’s no point. It is what it is.
On the positive side, I see plenty of travel in the coming year. I have my annual winter vacation to look forward to. We’re going to Ixtapa, Mexico this year, having visited there once, years ago, on a port-of-call. And I plan to visit my son and his family in March or April. If I’m really lucky, I’d love to go back east to see my middle son and DIL in the summer. We’ve already booked our vacation to see the grandkids in the fall. And I’m hoping to swing a trip to the west coast in the spring to see several of my favourite people, maybe go to the island as well to visit Hubby’s family.
As for my writing, my current wip is in the final stages. I’ve set it aside for now, to get some distance before I read it one last time, checking for typos, inconsistencies, awkward sentences, whatever jumps out at me. And I must begin to think about the dreaded synopsis. I hate writing synopses. Hate ’em. Really, really, hate ’em. How does a person take 160 pages and condense them down to 2 to 5 pages, yet still tell an interesting and complete story? But that’s not the worst of it. Then I have to take that synopsis and reduce it to a 250 word (or less) story blurb. And even worse, shrink that down further to a 50 word teaser blurb and then (hyperventilating just thinking about it) a 25 word (or less) tag line. So in essence, I’ll be going from 65,000+ words to 25 words. Did I mention how much I hate the process?
As soon as I accomplish all that, I can submit my manuscript to my publisher, hopefully by the end of January. I also have another book ready to go, so if all goes as planned, I’ll have two books published this year. I want to space them out a little though, so will probably submit the other one later in the spring or summer. It’s a little different from my usual family drama stories. It’s a light and sassy office romance with little-to-no subplots, and just a touch of a dark underside, because I do love my tortured heroes.
I’d already decided which story to work on next, but I’ve kind of fallen for one of my characters in my current story, so am toying with a storyline for him. Nothing definite has materialized yet and if it takes as long to sort out as Maggie’s story did, this one might quietly simmer, coming to a boil right around the time I finish with the one I want to work on. Wouldn’t that be nice?
Because I’ve been rather gloomy these past few months, I hope to work on my positivity and gratitude in the coming year. There are times when I feel sad or overwhelmed by pain or circumstance, and I mustn’t allow the bad to overshadow the good. No matter how bleak things seem, I don’t have to look very far to find someone else who’s in a tougher spot. I need to remember to grab life with both hands and squeeze every drop of happiness from it.
The New Year lies before us like a spotless tract of snow. Be careful how you tread on it, for every mark will show…Author Unknown


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