What’s In A Size Anyway??

Not long ago, I tried on a pair of size four pants, and they were a little bit big on me.  I find that shocking.  And before anyone gets the wrong impression, this isn’t a post about “Look how small I am”.  Quite the opposite.  I really am mystified by the current day sizes.

I’m not a big person, but I’m not skinny by any means.  I remember about twenty years ago, I wore a size eight.  I weighed 107 pounds.  I now weigh (mumble, cough, cough) more and if a size four is getting too big on me (and no, I have not, unfortunately, lost weight recently) what size do the truly small or downright skinny people wear?  Triple zero?  Negative four?

Is this a marketing ploy to make us feel better about the fact that most of us carry a little more weight than we used to?  As long as the clothing fits me and is comfortable, I honestly don’t care what size I wear.  It’s not as if I display the size of my clothing on a chain around my neck for all to see.  I just find it strange that as I grow larger my clothing size gets smaller.

Except my bra cup size.  That’s getting larger.  But that’s a story for another day.  Or not.

– I only have one chapter and the epilogue left to do in my first round of revisions.  Being the long-winded person that I usually am, I’m surprised that I’ve only added about 2500 words so far.  I’ll probably add nearly that amount again in the bit I still have to go over, but once I do my weeding out of over-used words, I could lose a thousand.  So this will definitely be the shortest book I’ve written to date.  Hopefully that simply means I’m learning to say more with less.


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