Show No Weakness is a Finalist Again!!

I received the exciting news a couple of days ago that my debut novel, Show No Weakness, is a Chatelaine finalist in the Chanticleer Books Blue Ribbon writing competition.  I had registered for this competition way back in January of this year, and had completely put it out of my mind, so finding out I’m in the running was both thrilling and shocking.  I’m up against some excellent authors, so I don’t expect anything more than the honour of having had my book make it this far.

Because it really is an honour to have the recognition.  This story knocked around a few different publishers over the years, ultimately getting rejected each time and I almost gave up on it – and my writing.  To see it do so well in the contests I’ve entered it in is simply wonderful.  (Of course seeing it do just a tad better in actual sales would also be wonderful.  Just saying.)

You can read the complete list of finalists here.

I started doing revisions on my wip in the past couple of days and have only managed to add about 225 in the first four chapters.  This doesn’t overly concern me because I know I’ve already gone over those chapters several times in the process of writing the first draft, while each following chapter is less and less groomed.  With this revision, I’m mostly focusing on emotion.  Future revisions will take on plot holes and action tags, and eventually I’ll scour it for the pesky words we all use too much and editors tend to dread seeing.  I like editing and now that the nuts and bolts of the story have been written, I can enjoy picking away at it, adding layers, removing unnecessary bits and generally giving it a good polish until I finally convince myself it’s done.


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