Obsessive Compulsive? Me??

If you would’ve asked me about two weeks ago how my book was coming along, I would’ve said I had four or five scenes left to write.  Even a few days ago, I figured I only had about three scenes to go.  On Friday I realized I needed to add another important scene, and in order to write that scene, I had to add a smaller scene and tweak two other scenes first.

Being that this is my first draft, I told myself, the changes just needed to be roughed in, it was more important to work towards The End.  Every time I found myself going back to correct this or fix that, I told myself I didn’t have to have everything perfect. There’s a reason it’s called a first draft.

Yesterday I wrote the secondary scene.  Today I tweaked it and the other two scenes.  And then I tweaked it again, then I tweaked it some more.  I obviously don’t listen to myself very well and I’ve decided it’s easier to just do what my OC personality wants to do, when it wants to do it, rather than try to fight the urge.

So, although it was a productive week of writing, I didn’t make as much forward progress as I’d hoped.  I’m telling myself to start the new scene tomorrow.  I guess I’ll find out when I sit down at my computer tomorrow whether I’ll listen or not.

I wrote 4363 words this past week and my wip stands at 45,773 words.


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