Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canadian friends and family!!

1280x1024-Thanksgiving-Wallpaper-2 (1)

It’s been an emotionally difficult several months for me and I wasn’t certain I wanted to find much to be thankful for this year.  But once I put aside my pity-party and dug just that little bit deeper, I came up with several very good reasons to be thankful.

I’m thankful my health is improving.

I’m thankful Hubby’s knee has healed enough for him to try to go back to work.

I’m thankful I have more time to write.

I’m thankful my hubby once again cooked a delicious turkey dinner for us tonight.

I’m thankful my mom and FIL are both doing so well for their age.

I’m thankful all my kids have good jobs they enjoy and are doing well at, even if those jobs take them too far away from me.

I’m thankful I have two gorgeous, bright, healthy, affectionate little grandsons who love me very much, as I love them.

I’m thankful Hubby and I are able to look forward to the winter vacation we just booked.

I’m thankful that, although we’re far from wealthy, we don’t really want for much.

I’m thankful I have reasons to be thankful.


I wrote 3178 words this past week and my word count stands at 41,733.


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