Reviewing The Reviews

I’ve recently started to get acquainted with the Goodreads book site, and while looking over my author page, I discovered some reviews for Show No Weakness.  Most of them I’d already read, but I didn’t realize they were listed there.

I have a couple of reviews on Amazon and on my publisher’s website too, so figured, what the hey, might as well add a page to my website with links to the reviews.  I don’t have that many, would sure like more, but the ones I do have are pretty darn good and I’m proud to share them.  So if you’re interested you can pop over to the Links to Reviews page and take a gander at what others think of my work.  If this encourages anyone to want to post a review of their own, I’d be thrilled.

My word count this week is dismal.  I actually wrote far more than it appears, but I chose to cut large portions of two scenes, which resulted in a great deal of rewriting.  I hope the scenes and particularly the characters are much stronger now.

I’m also finding that despite cutting my hours back at work, I’m still not able to devote nearly as much time to writing as I’d hoped.  One reason is because I’m so far behind on several other projects I’d started that I have to split my focus between them all.

Another reason, the biggest one, is that my hubby is also home from work right now. At the end of May, Hubby hurt his knee and because the wheels of medicare revolve slowly, he’s still waiting to find out exactly what is wrong with his knee and whether he’ll need surgery to repair it as he did on his left knee.  He doesn’t have a zillion hobbies and interests like I do, so the man has been bored.  He’s been beyond bored.  So in the morning, he likes us to have coffee together and chat.  We can blow an entire morning that way.

I certainly don’t begrudge him my company, but if I want to finish this wip any time this year, I have to use better discipline with my time.  Starting tomorrow, the alarm clock will once again go off every day at a decent hour and coffee time will have to be shorter.  Fingers crossed Hubby understands.

I wrote 1644 words this past week and my wip stands at 32,061 words.


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