Focusing On The Story

When I started this current work-in-progress (wip) I thought I’d end up with a word count around 60,000-65,000.  In that case, I should be approximately halfway through, at the point known as the dreaded “sagging middle”.  It doesn’t feel like the middle of the story though, so I’m taking that as an indication that my word count will run longer.  This is no surprise.  My other stories average 80,000-85,000 words.

Although this story deals with a couple of serious issues, I didn’t think it would go as deep or long as some of my other work and the characters are definitely not as emotionally damaged as I tend to write.  (Love me some wounded characters).  But call me long-winded.  Or thorough. Yeah, I like thorough better.

I’m only on the first draft as well, so there’ll be many more words added on the second and third go-round.  Of course there’s the possibility of many words getting deleted too.  Point is, the story will end when it’s time to end.  I’ve never tried to write to a certain word count and I’m thankful with this one, at any rate, I don’t have to worry about that.

I wrote 2670 words this past week and my wip currently stands at 30,417 words.



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