What’s Going On??

I’ve noticed a problem with some pictures from older posts not showing up on my website. Wondering if it was just my computer, I checked it on the computer at work and it’s similar there, but not necessarily the same pictures.  I can’t get the entire website to load on my mom’s computer, so am unable to check older posts there.  Yet everything works perfectly on Hubby’s Mac.  (I’m not in the mood for any unhelpful Apple comments, thank you).  I’ve even tried to reload some of the photos without success.  All the photos show up in my website’s media library, and in the post, if you click on the link in the blank square, the picture will show, so I’m not understanding what’s going on.  If anyone would care to check my website on your computer, I’d really appreciate it.  It’s a photo-heavy site so you’ll have to scroll and scroll (and scroll and scroll) to get to the bottom, giving it a moment for all the pictures to load.  Please let me know if some of the pictures in the older posts don’t show up properly.  Also, if you have any ideas why this is happening, I’d love to hear what you think.  Thank you.


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