Oh, How We’ve Changed

We’re empty-nesters now and we’ve finally started to put our own interests first.  We enjoy exploring the local trails.

1 Kettle Valley

2 Knox Mountain

3 Mission Creek

When possible, we take a couple of trips a year.  We’ve always traveled a lot, even when the kids were little.  But back then it was mostly trips to visit family.  One time we made a detour to see the hoodoos in Drumheller.  That was really interesting. (I blogged about that trip here)

4 Hoodoos, Drumheller

We were married for twenty-five years before we took a “real” vacation, a 10 day Mexican Riviera Cruise in 2003.  (I blogged about this trip here, here and here)

5 Puerto Vallarta

6 25th Anniversary

We went to Cabo with my sister and her hubby in 2006.

7 At Land's End

In 2008 we took a family vacation in Nuevo Vallarta.

8 Nuevo Vallarta

That same year, in honour of our 30th wedding anniversary, we took a road trip down the US west coast.  This is from Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

9 At Twin Peaks, San Francisco

It was back to the Baja in the winter of 2009.

10 Todo Santos

In June 2009, we took a cruise of a lifetime to Alaska.  I found it spectacular.

11 Alaska

I guess 2009 was a good year to travel because we also went to Cancun in November.  Experiencing hurricane weather while we were there might have dampened our bodies, but not our spirits.

12 Cancun

We went to Southern California in the winter of 2010, and took a fun little day trip to Tijuana.

13 Tijuana

Another most excellent trip was had in 2011 when we cruised the Hawaiian Islands.

14 Waimea Falls, O'ahu

We had fun playing tourist in Vancouver in September, 2011 and then taking a Pacific Coast cruise down to LA.

284 Capilano Suspension Bridge

We returned to a favourite spot in Bucerias, Mexico the winter of 2012.


That spring we made a trip to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, where our middle son and daughter-in-law live.  So unbelievably exciting to see icebergs. (I did a long series of blog posts on this trip, which can be viewed starting here)

16 Middle Cove

This past winter, we returned to Southern California. (I also did a long series of blog posts on this trip, which can be viewed starting here)

17 Mastodon Mine

Throughout our marriage, we moved around a lot with Hubby’s work, nine years in Dawson Creek, one year in North Vancouver, five years in Revelstoke and we’ve finally settled back where we started, having been here almost nineteen years.  It’s fun to look back and see how much we’ve grown and changed over the years, from mere babies to old farts.

On a date in 1977


1978, our wedding day









1986, Expo 86 in Vancouver






1998, 20th anniversary

29 Our 20th anniversary



2003, 25th anniversary

31 25th Anniversary

2005, Eldest sons’ wedding


2006, Brown-eyed boy’s wedding


2008, 30th anniversary on the road, in a dive motel

34 30th Wedding anniversary toast


35 Cancun



2013, our 35th anniversary (terrible quality, but all we have)

37 Our 35th Anniversary

It’s been quite an adventure that I’m so thankful I’ve taken with the man I chose to take it with.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be blessed with another 35 years of adventures to reminisce about.


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