So Much Fun, It Could Hardly be Called Research

My goal for Sunday morning in Vancouver was to plot out a route Maggie, my current female character, would take from her place in Kitsilano to Granville Island.  Bonus for me was getting to enjoy the scenic walk for myself.

Our good luck with the weather continued with breathtakingly blue skies and brilliant sunshine.  This is the view of West Vancouver from Vine Street on the way to Kits Beach.

83 View of West Van from Kits

An unrelated side bar…

While crossing Cornwall Street to get into the park, we happened upon some of the more elite runners participating in the BMO marathon.  I listened to the crowd cheering them on and I couldn’t help experiencing a throat tightening moment of emotion as I thought back to the Boston Marathon and the throngs of innocent people cheering on those runners and the devastating incident that followed.  Over 16,000 runners took part in the various races this day with thousands of spectators out to cheer and show their support.  It touched me and made me proud that the nefarious deeds of a few twisted individuals did not and would not deter these runners from competing and these spectators from supporting them.

At 9:30 in the morning, beach volleyball was already getting underway on Kits Beach and families were offloading the various paraphernalia needed for a full day of fun in the sun.

86 Kits Beach Park

The walking trail was also busy with cyclists, joggers and dog walkers.  I tried to shame Roxy into walking like all the other dogs of every size and shape, but she’d have none of that.  Much to his disgust, Hubby ended up carrying her most of the time so I could snap pictures.

This picture shows where we hiked the previous day.  The land mass to the left is Bowen Island and the point in the centre is Point Atkinson.  The water is English Bay.

87 English Bay, Bowen Island, Point Atkinson from Kits beach

Our son, who lives in Kitsilano, told us to follow the path along Kits Beach and we’d eventually arrive at Granville Island.  According to him, it’s impossible to get lost.  Unless, of course, you come to a fork in the path.  Do you continue on the paved path or take the gravel one?  We opted for the paved one, which led us past the Planetarium.

Roxy and the Planetarium crab.

89 Roxy with Planetarium Crab

And this led us to a parking lot.  Which led us to the conclusion we’d chosen the wrong path.  We knew we had to go under the Burrard Street Bridge, so we headed in that direction and took a path definitely not well-travelled.  As we crossed close to a homeless shelter of tarps and shopping carts, I crossed my fingers that the gent sleeping inside wouldn’t mind us trespassing.  Thankfully he didn’t.

Under the bridge we approached a jogger and asked how to get back on the correct path and she kindly gave directions.  In no time, we arrived on the Island Park Walk, which ran along the picturesque False Creek.

95 Island Park Walk

Hubby & Roxy, with Granville Island Bridge on the right.

110 False Creek, Island Park Walk

Burrard Street Bridge looked much more appealing from this view than the one we had while under it.

93 False Creek, Burrard Street Bridge

As always, I had to stop and admire the flowers.

96 Island Park Walk

98 Island Park Walk

A bit of an adventure getting there, but we finally arrived at the Granville Island Bridge.

99 Granville Island

I remember this restaurant bustling with humanity at my last visit there.  I guess it was too early to be open that day.

100 Granville Island

The Granville Market, however, was in full swing with Sunday morning shoppers.

104 Granville Island Market

102 Granville Island Market

106 Granville Island Market

We took the correct path, along Island Park Walk, on the way back and got to enjoy a few interesting tidbits we’d missed.

111 Island Park Walk

Much more fun to find a totem pole under the Burrard Bridge than a homeless man’s shelter.

112 Island Park Walk

Vanier Park, at the mouth of False Creek, offers beautiful views of English Bay, Sunset Beach Park and Stanley Park.

114 Vanier Park, mouth of False Creek, Sunset Beach Park

113 Vanier Park, Bowen Island, Point Atkinson, Stanley Park

Roxy, resting on the stairs of the apartment building, after her arduous morning of being carried about.

118 Roxy

We headed back to the Okanagan after lunch and the fine weather followed us home.  The snow-capped mountains shone in the sunshine, giving us cause to feel grateful to live in such a diverse and beautiful province.

I’ll leave off with Mt Baker, which is actually a live volcano, in all its magnificent glory.

122 Mt Baker

To read my post on Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park click HERE.


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