Lots of Research and Some Fun in the Sun

I have a good reason for being late with my weekend blog post.  I was off doing research in Vancouver.  It was a whirlwind trip, packed full of activities, and I’m so very glad to have finally got it done.

This was a multi-purpose trip, but the main thrust was to scout out locations for my current wip, It’s Complicated.  My youngest son moved to Vancouver last year, so we took the opportunity to deliver the last of his stuff.  The timing worked out well, because he is currently staying with us while doing prep work for a movie he’ll soon be shooting in the Okanagan.  He house-sat for us while we stayed at his bachelor pad in Kitsilano.

When the sun shines in Vancouver, it’s arguably the most beautiful city in the world.  Lucky for us, the sun shone all weekend.  Because I’m me, I took tons of pictures and if I can find the time to download and edit them this week, I’ll share the beauty of our trip with you next weekend.  (Jump to that post here) In the meantime, I have lots of notes to compile.  I might not have gotten any actual writing done, but as any writer knows, the research is equally important, and I’ve done plenty of that lately.

84 English Bay, Vancouver, North Shore Mtns from Kits beach


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