It Was Quite A Week…

When I received the email telling me Show No Weakness had made it into the second round of the 2012 RONE Awards, it caught me completely by surprise.  I was excited and honoured, and then the impact of “public voting” hit me, and I felt really discouraged.  My social media presence is miniscule, I simply don’t have the time or inclination to pursue followers, friends or fans.  Some of the other authors in the running had thousands of followers, if even 10% voted for them, I’d be sunk.  My intent turned from trying to final to simply not embarrassing myself too badly.

I posted what basically amounted to wheedling pleas and shameless begging on my various media sites and hoped for the best.  What I didn’t take into consideration was the power of family and friendship over anonymous followers who may or may not take the time to read one of thousands of tweets and posts.  I have a large family and some good friends and neighbours, and they came through for me.  Not only by voting, but by spreading the word, encouraging their friends and coworkers to vote.

When the ability to view the standings closed Wednesday evening, I was neck and neck for 1st place.  Incredible and beyond my wildest imagination.  I don’t know what might have happened on Thursday or Friday, but I’m hopeful I finished in the top four and Show No Weakness will move on to the final round, to be judged on its own merits in front of qualified judges.  This is a prestigious award and I’m proud to have my work, my first novel, in the run for it.

Thanks so much to InD’Tale Magazine for making this all happen.  And thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart to all my family, friends, neighbours, coworkers, fellow authors, and complete strangers who took the time and effort to vote for me.  It means so much, even if I don’t end up finaling.  I won’t know how I did until June, and the final judging is done in July, then the prestigious RONE award will be presented at the formal ceremonies, August 9th, at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I refuse to think that far ahead though.  🙂

This is the InD’Tale review of Show No Weakness that started it all off:



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