Goodbye San Diego, Hello Pines to Palms

We spent our last morning in San Diego wandering along San Diego Bay on Shelter Island.  The day was sublimely perfect.  The sky so blue, it almost hurt the eyes, and the sun held a warmth that spoke of summer, even though it was only February.
These little ducks greeted us at our door every morning, looking for snacks.
8-1 Shelter Island, San Diego

The marina

8-4 Marina, Shelter Island
8-6 Marina, Shelter Island
The lovely walkway along the bay
8-14 Shelter Island, San Diego Bay

Mosaic tile fountain at tip of Shelter Island

8-12 Fountain at tip of Shelter Island

San Diego Bay
7-91  San Diego Bay


7-101 San Diego Bay

7-103 San Diego Bay

Aerial treats for Hubby
7-94 San Diego Bay
7-96 San Diego Bay

An eagle enjoying its breakfast
8-7 Shelter Island, San Diego

The tip of Point Loma, with Cabrillo National Monument State Park and Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
8-9 Point Loma, Cabrillo Nat Park, Fort Rosecrans cemetery
The small white markers on the top left are grave markers at the military cemetery. I’ve been up there, and all those rows upon rows upon rows of white markers are both awe-inspiring and very sobering to see.
8-10 Fort Rosecrans cemetery

The Friendship Bell and Girl in Red Shoes, commemorating the friendship between the Port of San Diego and the Port of Yokohama
8-13 Friendship Bell & Girl in Red Shoes

A Tribute to Tuna Fishermen
8-15 Tribute to Tuna Fishermen, Shelter Island

Shelter island Fishing Pier
8-17 Shelter island fishing pier
8-20 Shelter island fishing pier

Along the walkway were these cute little whirly-gigs. Some days the wind had the little guys paddling like crazy. That morning, there wasn’t even a breath of a breeze to help them along their way.
8-25 Shelter Island, San Diego Bay

Nice little protected boat launch area, free for public use
8-27 Shelter Island, San Diego Bay

A statue on a pole in front of the yacht club
8-31 Shelter Island, San Diego Bay

The Best Western Island Palms, where we stayed
8-22 BW Island Palms, Shelter Island
8-32 BW Island Palms, Shelter Island

Fountain and foliage in the lobby
8-36 BW Island Palms, Shelter Island

I’d planned our route back to Palm Desert carefully, as I had our route out to San Diego, but somehow I messed up. I thought we were stopping at Riverside, so plugged that into the gps. We were cruising along, chatting about our trip, when I realized we’d missed our turn-off. Consulting my notes, I found my error. We should’ve stopped at Riverside on the way down to San Diego. Annoyed with myself for screwing up, and upset that we might have to waste time backtracking, I asked Hubby to make the first available turn off the hwy.  Without knowing where we were headed, we ended up at the Temecula Duck Pond.
8-43 Temecula Duck Pond
This little duck pond was the perfect place for me to relax and sort out where we were and where we wanted to go.
8-44 Temecula Duck Pond
As it turned out, we were right where we should’ve been. On the right track, both mentally and physically, we carried on our way, thankful to have avoided a detour.
Despite being at quite a high altitude as we traveled through the Santa Rosa mountains, I didn’t expect to see this sign in southern California
8-50 Santa Rosa Mtns
And I sure didn’t expect to see this
8-48 Santa Rosa Mtns

8-49 Santa Rosa Mtns

Everyone should experience the Pines to Palms Hwy. Once. It’s beautifully scenic. And it’s hair-raisingly twisty. I confess to hyperventilating on some of the hair-pin curves—and I wasn’t even driving. The view of the Coachella Valley from the vista point was well worth the effort to get there. The snake-like highway we traveled can be seen in these photos.

8-62 Coachella Valley vista point
8-63 Coachella Valley vista point

I’ll wrap up my trip highlights next weekend with our hike in Indian Canyon. Jump to that post HERE or start from the trip’s beginning HERE.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye San Diego, Hello Pines to Palms

  1. Great vacation Joyce, you guys sure walk a lot. 🙂 I guess that is the best way to experience everything, up close and personal. Great photos. 🙂


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