I’ve been away…

I just got back from a ten-day trip to California and I must admit while away I did absolutely no writing, next to no social media (nothing but Facebook, didn’t even keep up with my emails) and very little reading.  Which is rather shocking, if you know me.  I did get plenty of fresh air, exercise and sunshine.  We started our trip in Palm Desert, to see Hubby’s dad, who winters down there, then we continued down to San Diego for a few days, before returning to Palm Desert for more fun in the sun.

Palm Desert, California

4-8 View

La Jolla, San Diego, California

5-38 Sea lions, pelicans, commerants, La Jolla

What made this trip different for us is we took Roxy, our ten-year old yorkie/chi, with us.  She’s been on a few road trips, but never on a plane and I’m so proud of the way she handled the entire experience.  She was a little trooper on all the flights, doing much better than I would’ve done stuffed in a bag under a seat for hours.  No doubt she’d have preferred to snuggle on my lap (I would’ve preferred that too), but with minimal little squeaks of displeasure, she settled in and slept the flights away.

1-2 Roxy, Kelowna airport

1-9 Roxy's bag on plane

She adjusted just as well to staying at “Grandpa’s”.  In no time she had the run of the place and a place of honour on Grandpa’s lap.  We left her with my father-in-law while we went to San Diego and it was a real relief to know she was in such loving hands.

2-4 Roxy  backyard

10-98 Roxy

Both Hubby and I have been suffering this past winter with worse than usual aches and pains.  Aging really sucks.  Our first day in Palm Desert, the pain just melted away in that incredible dry heat.  Of course Murphy, that irascible old fart, had to remind me a few times that I’m no longer a youngster and can’t do things the way I used to, especially the long hikes, but I thumbed my nose at him and enjoyed myself despite the blisters, sore knees and ankles, and touchy lower back.  My hubby fared better than me and hardly experienced a twinge the entire trip.  (Although now that we’re home, he’s stiffened right up)

Nursing my blistered feet and aching ankles during a hike through Murray Canyon

10-83 Seven Sisters waterfalls, Murray Canyon

The weather in San Diego, glorious sunshine every single day, was a few degrees cooler than Palm Desert and the breeze off the water really triggered the pain in my neck (no, I don’t mean the hubby, I’m talking about a genuine neck pain that’s far more annoying than he is).  I’ve used those adhesive heat pads before with much success so thought I’d try a version of them out there.  My sensitive skin had other ideas, so now I not only have a pain in my neck, I also have a pain on the skin of my neck.  GRRRR…

I might be getting older and slower, but balancing it all, the trip was a resounding success.  We spent time with a cherished family member, explored new places, saw glorious new sights and had a few outstanding meals (the ravioli at Bella Vita in Palm Desert is to die for!!).  And we did it all on an incredibly cheap Airmiles budget.  Whoo Hoo, I love free stuff.  🙂

Over the coming weeks, as I sort through and edit the 1200 photos Hubby and I took, I’ll post some of my favourites here and share our trip’s highlights.  I hope you’ll join me. Start the journey HERE.



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