What’s Really Important…

I just got home from my mom’s place where I had a visit with several members of my family.  My mom, three sisters, a brother-in-law (who mostly tried to stay out of the way, poor guy), three nieces, two little great-nephews and a newborn great-niece.  This gathering was in honour of one of my sisters who had just arrived in town after spending four months in Vancouver, literally fighting for her life against a rare and aggressive form of cancer.  She’s endured four horrendous rounds of chemotherapy, numerous invasive and painful medical procedures, and long, lonely months of isolation from most of her family and loved ones.

But this isn’t about the horrors of cancer, unfortunately far too many people already know firsthand what that’s all about.  This is about embracing life while we have the ability to do so.  To chose our priorities carefully and make time for what’s important, even if you don’t think you have the time.

I’m super busy this weekend.  Even more than usual, I’ve heaped far too much on my already full plate.  That didn’t matter to me when I decided to go to my mom’s for a couple of hours.  Because I took that precious time out of my busy schedule, some stuff won’t get done around here (most likely the dusting!!)  But I got to hug my brave, dear sister close, cuddle a sweet tiny baby, and watch as a wee boy took some of his first toddling steps.  What can possibly be more important than that?


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