Cliff Divers, Alligators and Cervezas

I pick up the tale of our 2003 Mexican Riviera cruise with our most southern stop in Acapulco. (Read my first post about the cruise HERE)

The approach to Acapulco Bay.

29 Approaching Acapulco Bay

We had an early start to our day, with a bus tour of Acapulco.  The tour guide gave an excellent commentary on the history and culture of the area as well as current problems and positive advancements, which we found enlightening.

Acapulco’s sister bay, the beautiful Marquis Bay.

33 Marquis Bay, Acapulco

A visit to Acapulco wouldn’t be complete without a stop to watch the cliff divers.  I really admired the courage and skill those divers displayed.  Some of them were little more than children.

34 Acapulco divers

36 Acapulco divers

37 Acapulco divers

We had a stop at the Princess Hotel Resort, which I found breathtakingly picturesque.

38 Princess Hotel Resort, Acapulco

39 Princess Hotel Resort, Acapulco

After the tour, we did a little sightseeing on our own.  I hate to admit it, but I didn’t overly like the experience.  I found Acapulco to be a big, busy, dirty city with little to redeem it.  And the large number of child beggars we came across really concerned me, especially the very young ones.  We had been told by the tour guide that it’s best not to give them money or buy their gum, so we didn’t.  But it broke my heart.

The cruise ship stayed in port late that evening, to give passengers the opportunity to explore Acapulco’s famed nightlife.  Hubby and I were more than content to have a quiet evening onboard.

41 Acapulco at night

The next morning found us in Zihuatanejo, a beautiful picturesque little fishing village.

Approach to Zihuatanejo.

49 Approach to Zihuatanejo

We were off the ship early for another bus tour.  This tour guide also had a very informative commentary, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  I captured this shot of our cruise ship in the bay just as the morning sun broke through the cloud.

50 Sun Princess in bay at Zihuatanejo


52 Zihuatanejo

This tour also took us to the resort town of Ixtapa, the highlight of which was getting to see alligators (or maybe they were crocodiles) in their natural environment.

54 Alligator at Ixtapa

55 Alligator at Ixtapa

57 Ixtapa

Back in Zihuatanejo, I wanted to explore the flea markets, in search of inexpensive silver chains to bring home for my boys.  Hubby found the high humidity and even higher temperatures too much for him, and had to take a break in the shade with a cerveza.  Of course he did.  Despite the brutal heat, we really enjoyed the quiet pace of Zihuatanejo and hope one day to return for a longer stay.

59 Zihuatanejo

63 Flea Market, Zihuatanejo

Please join me next weekend for Day Seven and Eight of the cruise with stops in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. Jump to that post HERE.


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