With The Ugly Comes The Lovely

Right after I finished with my blog post yesterday, I opened this email.  She hadn’t been to my website, she had no idea what had just happened to me.  The email was sent while I was still working on my post.  Her words were like a balm to my soul and exactly what I needed to hear.

This, in part, is what she said:

I just ordered (your book) from Amazon…I read the sample and I’m already intrigued by the story and interested in the characters, so good job. I was just lost in what I was reading, wondering what happens next…I know I’ll love your FIRST book.

Words can be powerful.  They have the power to hurt and they have the power to heal.  There will always be “trolls” out there looking to wound or cause a sensation, but thankfully there are also wonderful, kind people like this lady who take the time to share something positive to make you feel good about yourself.


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