A 25 Year Anniversary Trip to Remember

A couple of weeks ago, I described my first real vacation to Disneyland with my son.  It took another long five years before my hubby and I were able to go on our first genuine trip together.  In celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary, we booked a 10 day Mexican Riviera cruise aboard the Sun Princess.

1 Sun Princess Mexican Riviera Cruise

My hubby had great trepidations about cruising.  He wasn’t the type to just lie around and he thought he might get bored.  Boy, was he about to find out differently.

Nervous and full of excitement, we flew to LA on a Saturday morning and shuttled to the cruise terminal in San Pedro.  By that evening we were headed to Mexico.

Sunday was a sea day and it was my intention to spend it exploring the ship.  Hubby, on the other hand, wanted to spend it exploring the casino.  Playing the slots was a new experience for us both, we’d never been in a casino before.  I quickly grew bored (and congested from the heavy cigarette smoke), so left Hubby to his fun while I continued with my explorations.  Much, much later, Hubby was up a couple hundred dollars and had visions of “winning it all”.  I had visions of him pouring it all back in to those greedy little machines, twenty-five cents at a time, and I had to cajole the jubilant winner to abandon his slots and join me for some glorious sun on deck.

8 Casino winnings

We spent most of the sunny afternoon at the Fiesta Deck swimming pool.


Monday morning found us at Cabo San Lucas.  This was our first glimpse of it, approaching from the Pacific Ocean.

14 Approach to Cabo San Lucas

The famous El Arco as seen from the cruise ship.

15 El Arco from cruise ship

Because Cabo doesn’t have a deep enough harbour, passengers were brought on shore in tenders.

16 Sun Princess & tender at Cabo

My sister, who had been to Cabo several times, told us when we got on shore to turn right to go to the marina.  So of course, my contrary hubby turned left.  We wasted a good portion of our five allotted hours onshore wandering back streets that held little interest.  Eventually we found the downtown and then made our way onto the marina.

18 Downtown Cabo

We saw lots of Mexican “cheekans” more commonly known as pelicans.

17 Cabo

Another suggestion of my sister’s was to take a “glass bottom boat” tour.  The glass bottom boat was actually a modest boat with a small plexiglass panel on the bottom that showed fish swimming below, but still an excellent deal for ten bucks.  We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.  The beach on the Sea of Cortez side is called Lover’s Beach.  Its surf is gentle and there are great views of the Sea of Cortez and Modano beach.  The locals call the beach on the Pacific side Divorce Beach.  Because of the fierce undertows found in the Pacific Ocean, it’s far too dangerous to swim there, but maybe a good place to dump a difficult spouse.  I would’ve loved to explore both beaches and the incredible rock formations, but time didn’t allow us to.

El Arco from Sea of Cortez.

19 El Arco from Sea of Cortez

Pelican Colony

20 Pelican Colony

Sea Lion Colony

23 Sea Lion Colony

Lone little pup stranded until high tide


An interesting bit of geography where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean through a small opening in the rock.

24 Sea of Cortez meets Pacific Ocean

El Arco from the Pacific Ocean side

25 El Arco from Pacific Ocean side

After the boat tour, we found a small cantina my sister recommended on the marina, where we relaxed and took in the impressive view of the marina while indulging in some very inexpensive margaritas.  Having thoroughly enjoyed (most of) our day in Cabo, we were back onboard the Sun Princess by dinnertime.

Day three was another sea day and we spent it relaxing in the sun, doing as little as we could get away with.  That evening at dinner, we met another couple from British Columbia who we instantly got on with.  As it turned out, Hubby and the woman both work for the same company and they embarked on quite a conversation together as though they’d been friends for years.  Little did we know that our trip would not only be enhanced by this meeting, but so would our lives.  Almost ten years later, we’re still good friends and although we don’t live in the same city, we’re close enough in proximity to visit once or twice a year.  They are dear, dear people we’re so thankful to have met.

48 Dinner

Please join me next weekend when I continue with our cruise vacation, starting with our stop in Acapulco. Jump to that post HERE.



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  1. Good for you Guys!! We wanted to go to PEI on our 25th, but that was the year Kevin almost lost his eye ball, that will be 2 years ago this summer and he still has 2 operations to go! So we will have our 27th this year and so we will aim for our 30th now, or maybe sooner we’ll see, to go on our PEI trip!! And it will, I’m sure, be worth the wait!


    • I hope you’re able to make it out there one day. I hear PEI is beautiful. We’ve been so fortunate to go on many great trips over the years, but that first one is really special.


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