Dinosaurs, Hoodoos…and Gophers??

Whenever I don’t have a ready topic at hand, I’ve decided to haul out some old vacation pictures and highlight my favourites.  As with many of my pet photos, the picture quality won’t always be the best because they’re taken from scanned prints.

In the summer of 1997 we took a family trip to Calgary, through to Drumheller, and on to Edmonton.  The highlight, hands down, was the badlands of Drumheller and the Royal Tyrell Museum.

9707-3 Drumheller

9707-4 Royal Tyrell Museum

My boys couldn’t get enough of the dinosaur exhibits in the museum.

9707-9 Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller

9707-10 Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller

We all were impressed with Drumheller’s unique and exquisite land formations, and we wished we had more time to explore them further.

9707-17 Drumheller

9707-19 Drumheller

9707-22 Drumheller

The hoodoos were especially fascinating.  Exquisite and magical.  Sad to think that one day they’ll all be gone.

9707-12 Drumheller

9707-14 Drumheller

9707-16 Hoodoos, Drumheller

To Hubby’s and my amused disbelief, surrounded by all those amazing natural phenomenons, my boys were most captivated by the gophers.

9707-24 Drumheller

9707-25 Drumheller

Having grown up in Calgary the little critters were quite passé to me, but my boys had never seen anything quite like them just roaming around free like that.  If they had it their way, we would’ve had a couple of vermin join us for the trip home.  Mommy had to explain, sorry guys, gophers might (and I heavily stress the word ‘might’) look cute and fun, but they’re actually little pests that were best left behind on the prairies.

We hope to one day return to explore those badlands.  It’ll be worth the trip.


3 thoughts on “Dinosaurs, Hoodoos…and Gophers??

  1. Hey Joyce, yes the Drumheller area is very beautiful! Kevin works in Drum and so sees it lots! It can however be a bit wicked to drive through in the winter, those hills can get a little tricky, but still very pretty! Our boys enjoyed the dinosaurs also. When Josh was little there was an outside dinosaur exhibit that one could walk through. It was almost life size dinosaurs along a long path and at the end of the path was a big statue of Jesus with His arm stretched out on the top of a hill, it was really neat! But sadly by the time Peter came along and we had moved to the area it was closed. The guy that ran it said they couldn’t afford to keep fixing the dinosaurs, as people would get in and vandalize them. It’s sad when other wreck things for others. Oh and the boys and I like gophers, but Kevin is anti rodents of any type!! I enjoy your posts! Take care, Linda


    • I’m sure my boys would’ve been very excited when they were little to have experienced that dinosaur trail. They loved dinosaurs. And yes, it’s so sad that people feel the need to vandalized stuff.


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