Furry Friends – Take Two

These little ones should have been included in last week’s blog.  They belonged to my oldest sister when her kids were young.  Tammy was a pomeranian and the smaller one, Teddy, a pom/papillon cross, was Tammy’s son.   Really adorable tiny dogs being held by some really adorable little people.

7507-3 Teddy & Tammy

Lori and Michael with Tammy Apr 27 1974418

This little fellow can’t actually be classified as furry and he’s definitely not cuddly, but he was my oldest son’s first baby and deserves to be included.  Meet Boober, the hedgehog.

0508-2 Boober the hedgehog

0709-5 Boober

My middle son bought Daisy for his wife shortly after they got married.  A teacup Chihuahua, she’s already been featured a couple of weeks ago in my post about Roxy.  Daisy is probably the most photographed dog in history; she’s also very well-traveled, having crossed the country more than most people I know.  She and I belong to the same mutual admiration society.

0612-7 Daisy

Daisy does find the cutest places to have a snooze, especially if there’s sunlight involved.  Such an adorable picture.

0709-1 Daisy

Rather comical, but Daisy and Roxy both like this pillow to snuggle on.  Must be comfy.

0612-19 Daisy

Although a teeny bit pampered, Daisy is no ordinary diva dog.  She’s a lean, mean, walking machine who frequently goes on long hikes, enthusiastically walking for hours, exploring the myriad of nature trails in Newfoundland with her human family.

353 East Coast Trail to Bawdens Highland

0905-18 Daisy

Buddy and Hunter belong to dear friends of ours.  Buddy, a yellow lab, passed away this past summer at the ripe old age of twelve.  We only saw him about once a year, but he always welcomed us with enthusiasm and love.  Hunter is an interesting mix of yellow lab and Maltese.  Yes, that’s correct.  Mother was a lab, father was a frisky and evidently persistent Maltese.  Hunter’s a little more shy than Buddy was, but always warms up to us quickly, likely remembering how we tend to suck up by giving great scratches.

0701-4 Buddy

0701-5 Hunter

Shasa is another interesting cross-breed.  Her mother is a Shih Tzu, her father a miniature dachshund.  The result was so very cute.  Shasa belongs to my oldest son and daughter-in-law.  She’s a sturdy little girl who is an excellent playmate for my two young grandsons.  She also loves me dearly and is a joy to be around, when she’s not barking…

0710-28 Shasa

0711-3 Shasa

Shasa trying to win over Daisy.

0711-10 Daisy & Shasa

Didn’t take long for Daisy to give in and play.

0801-1 Shasa & Daisy

Shasa is equally cute with her coat long and shaggy or when she’s trimmed all short and neat.

1012-8 Shasa

0907-2 Shasa

The final family chihuahua to introduce is Frisco.  He belongs to a niece and is a lucky little guy who gets to go to work with her every day.

0809-8 Frisco

When my sister sadly lost Butzi and Wicket within a short time of each other, she eased her heartache by getting a couple of new babies.  Abby and Ava are both purebred mini schnauzers.  What a couple of cute little characters, they are.

0905-5 Ava & Abby

Frisco and Abby

09 Frisco & Abby


0905-10 Abby


0907-1 Ava

Of all the dogs who’ve loved me, and I’m awfully lucky that there have been so many, my niece’s dog, Mack, is a standout.  Mack is a British Bulldog, so when he came charging across the room like the truck he’s named after, I learned to quickly sit down or literally get bowled over with his enthusiasm.  He’d often visit me at work, rest his drooly head in my lap and gaze adoringly at me.  How can anyone possibly resist that?

0908-2 Mack

I tried to find a picture of Mack’s “sister”, Lucy, a beautiful golden retriever, but this was the best that I could do.  Mack decided to go for a swim one hot day and had to get rescued.  Lucy’s checking to make sure he’s okay (or maybe she planned to give him a maternal scolding).

0908-3 Lucy & Mack

Another Echo in the family belongs to my nephew (the one who’s still cute, all grown up!).  She’s a Jack Russell terrier cross (I think).  She’s a real cutie anyways.

0910-3 Echo

Ace, a brown lab, belongs to another nephew.  A bit on the small side for a lab, she’s such a gentle soul, a real sweetie, and so patient with her little boys.

1012-6 Ace

1102-21 Ace

The newest addition to our dog family is Sukie, a golden retriever/black lab cross who my oldest son and daughter-in-law got this summer.  Every time I see her, she’s grown by bounds and is currently at that adorable clumsy stage where she’s all legs and no coordination.  True to her breed, she’s already proving to be smart, affectionate and loyal.

1207-3 Sukie

1207-7 Sukie

1207-8 Sukie

That doesn’t even begin to cover all the family pets, but it’s the ones I know, I love, and most importantly, I have pictures of.  I hope you enjoyed getting acquainted. Meet some fishy friends HERE.

Read an introduction with links to all my pets HERE.



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  1. I do love reading about all of your furry friends. Some pictures are bitter sweet, makes my heart ache. You have enough pictures and stories for a book. 🙂


    • I’m glad you enjoyed them. I can find a story in just about anything, but other people aren’t always as interested in what I have to say as I am in telling it, lol.


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