Some Furry Friends Too Cute Not To Mention

I belong to a family of animal lovers.  It’s a very large family with extraordinary amount of pets, so I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many adorable animals over the years.  Today I want to showcase some of them.  Many of them are no longer with us, all we have left are their cherished memories and photos.

This is Teddy.  He was my first family pet, although I only have very vague memories of him.  He started out as a stray that took a liking to my dad and just never left.

5812 Teddy

This handsome collie/shepherd cross is Sarge.  He was an abused puppy that my mom took in.  Sarge was a consummate escape artist and many a time he jumped the fence only to lead dog control on a merry chase, eventually returning home and jumping back over the fence into the yard to sit there all innocently.  The poor fellow suffered with terrible seizures likely due to the abuse he suffered with his first owner and eventually they got so severe we had to have him put out of his pain.  I have such fond childhood memories of a brave and patient dog.  It’s a real shame that not all pet owners love and care for their pets the way they deserve.

7306 Sarge

7408-2 Sarge

Pepper and Sarge.  She didn’t really like him as much as we did.

7308 Pepper & Sarge

These are a few of the hamsters we had.  Toni and Suzie were sisters.  Suzie belonged to my sister and Toni to me.

7605 Toni & Suzy

This one’s Toni.

7509-3 Toni

This is Nicki.  I had her when I first got married, so I guess technically she was my first baby.  In my opinion, she was the cutest and smartest hamster that ever lived.

7808 Nicky

Marmalade was one of two huge orange cats my mother-in-law owned.  The other was named Pumpkin.

8600 Marmalade

Norton was an adorable long-haired chihuahua belonging to my sister.  Like my dog, Roxy, he was little more than a bundle of bones, so it’s a good thing he had all that long hair as camouflage.  Such a cutie.

8908 Norton

This is Oliver and Norton with my bro-in-law.

9012-18 Oliver & Norton

Norton’s “sister” was Nikita.  She was a teeny chihuahua who madly loved me.  I was rather partial to her too.  This is Nikita and Norton with my nephew when he was still young and cute.  (He’s still cute, just all grown up now, so says his favourite Aunty!!)

9210-22 Nikita & Norton

Nikita at an elderly age.  She was such a little peanut.

0312-5 Nikita

After Norton was gone, my sister got a white chihuahua, named Sassy.   Here she is with my Sweetie.  I think Sweetie was really confused.

9712-2 Sassy & Sweetie

Sassy and Sweetie.

0312-9 Sassy & Sweetie

Sassy also lost all her teeth later in life and became a tongue loller like my little Roxy.

0904-5 Sassy

Wicket, a purebred shih tzu, belonged to one of my other sisters. I often swapped doggie-sitting with my sister and had a real soft spot for this gentle, laidback girl.

0801-9 Wicket

0602-2 Wicket

Butz-waggin’, a purebred mini schnauzer, was Wicket’s “sister”.  Butzi was a beautiful girl and very loyal to my sister.

0809-7 Butzi

Duffy, a Scotch terrier, was the love of my mother-in-law’s life.  Such a handsome boy he was, and extremely well-behaved and gentle.

9511-1 Duffy


My brother also owns a Scottie terrier.  Lucy’s her name.  It must come with the breed, because she’s also such a good girl, gentle and patient, despite having a multitude of ailments.

0508-1 Lucy

1112-13 Lucy

My niece has two of the cutest dogs you will ever find, ever.  Yorkie terriers, perfectly groomed (and accessorized!), these two should be models.

I love this picture of puppies, Sasa and Lucy, feeling each other out at the food dish.

0506-4 Sasa & Lucy-1

Sasa’s the male with his ears up.  Maddie’s the female with her ears down.  Aren’t they cute beyond words?

0706-1 Sasa & Maddie

0811 Maddie & Sasa

I could post pictures of these two sweethearts all day (photogenic or what, I mean really!!), but I’ll limit myself to one more.

1208 Maddie & Sasa

Echo is a gorgeous Sheltie belonging to yet another sister (I did say my family was large).  She’s very loyal to my sister and not terribly fond of men.

0608-13 Echo

Following in a long family tradition, two of my nieces owned Chihuahuas.  I believe they were half-sisters.  Lola, like so many of the family pets, took a great liking to me (I’m so lucky that way) and even if I don’t see her very often, she never forgets me.  Zoe developed a disease (not remembering the name), that resulted in her putting on far too much weight for her tiny frame and ultimately shortened her life.

0507-5 Lola & Zoe


0506-6 Lola

Butzi and Lola.

0706-12 Butzi & Lola


0904-4 Zoe

I’ll leave you with this incredible picture my sister, the dog-sitter extraordinaire, took of Wicket, Butzi, Echo, Lola, Zoe and Sassy.

0709-2 Wicket, Butsie, Echo, Lola, Zoe & Sassy

Please come back next weekend to meet more of my furry family. (click HERE) Read an introduction with links to all my pets HERE.


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